Steps to follow for an online registration request
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Steps to follow for an online registration request

A valid gray card is an essential document to drive quietly in the car. You will need it whether it is for a new vehicle or for a used model. You have to follow certain steps to obtain this document. You can then take note of the following points to validate your file.

You must provide the essential documents to obtain a gray card

You must at all costs provide the following documents to validate your registration request:

  • A properly completed registration certificate application,
  • A copy of your driver's license as the applicant,
  • Proof of address such as water and gas bills or your latest tax notices,
  • A registration mandate,
  • The insurance certificate for the car to be registered.

It should be noted that these documents are essential whether for a new or used model. Note that other papers may also be requested depending on the situation. Your file may even be refused if certain documents are missing.

Get to the right place

Don't forget that a request for a gray card is only done online. The physical counters at the prefectures are no longer available. You can then connect directly to the official website of the ANTS (Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisée). Placed under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior, this agency is able to issue your gray card under the best conditions.

On the other hand, you also have the option of relying on a private online service provider to have your gray card on the internet. Make sure the site is authorized by the ministry. You will always obtain the document in a short time by opting for this type of service.

The steps you need to follow

You must first open an account to send your crisis card request. This is valid whether you go to the ANTS site or to a service provider. You can then follow the different steps that will be required of you. Take the time to check that you have provided all the documents to validate your request.

You will also be required to fill in the fields of the tax calculator if you turn to an official service provider. This allows the cost of the operation to be calculated. Moreover, your file will not be taken care of if you do not pay the necessary amount. You will then get an email to confirm the request, and then you must provide the documents that will be requested.

Update on the time taken to receive your gray card

It is quite possible to obtain a gray card within 7 working days after submitting your file. The document will be sent to you in a secure envelope. All you have to do is complete the formalities correctly to take advantage of such speed. That said, this duration can be extended if your file is incomplete at the beginning. You must then confirm receipt of the document by signature with the Post Office.

A notice of passage will be left by the agent of the Post office if you are absent during his passage to your address. You therefore have 15 days to collect your gray card at the office. Your paper will be returned to the ANTS if you exceed this recovery period.

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