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Spy on a phone: ranking of the best spy apps

A spy app phone is a program designed for the purpose of sneak into a device. Its main mission is to monitor and store data and online activity. It also saves information placed locally on the phone in order to transmit it to third parties.

The best spy apps and spyware save file content, e-mail, payment data and passwords of different accounts. They hide in the operating system and behave like internal memory programs.

Read this to learn more about the best spy apps and phone spy software, and find out which apps are the best at the best prices.

Why use a spy app?

The use of a phone spy application is essential to monitor the activities of a person, without having to call on a private detective. It also allows you to have a look into its remote device. Consumer spyware is a tool that has become necessary to control the different movements of your little children. By opting for powerful spy apps, you do not experience great difficulties in monitoring teenagers.

French people often use spy apps to check their spouse's fidelity.

It should be pointed out that real spy apps, for example MSpy ou umobix, also called spyware, are more effective than ordinary parental control software. The use of these Android or iOS type tools helps you to monitor your offspring's smartphones and tablets very closely. You will have detailed and reliable information of the different people they contact and vice versa. They provide you with information including:

  • SMS sent and received
  • Chats
  • Social media history

You will also have access to their GPS module in order to have an idea of ​​the exact position where they may be.

You can also use cell phone spy apps to closely track the work-related activities of your employees. These are indeed the main pillar of the survival of your structure. To do this, you entrust them with confidential information about the company.

It is therefore normal to have an idea of ​​the use they make of this data in view of their sensitive nature for the well-being of the company. Installing such an application on work equipment will allow you to measure their productivity. It is therefore a tool that can help you improve the performance of your professional activities.

Phone spy apps help keep your loved ones safe online. They help to remove doubt about your partner's infidelity, for example by reading his private messages. They can also help you find your phone when it's stolen or misplaced.

Is it legal to use a spy app?

Most of the laws of the world and those of France in particular consider very serious the act of spying on a device without informing the user. In addition to this aspect of the law, simply reading e-mails and SMS is a violation of the secrecy of correspondence. You can be incriminated no matter why you act this way. Only certain sworn private detectives can afford certain highly regulated espionage.

The bad associations or unorthodox uses of your teenager cannot justify the use of this spy tool. Moreover, know that it is the same for the infidelity of your partner. If you provide evidence of intercepted conversations using a spy program, you will be incriminated instead. Current regulations also do not allow you to monitor the location or activities of your employees without their knowledge.

Before any attempt to install a spy application, you must inform the persons concerned upstream. This allows you to legally use the data collected in a lawsuit, for example. Using secret software illegally to spy on a phone exposes you to fines. If it should be remembered, these range from 30.000 to 45.000 €.

It's'article 226-15 of the Penal Code who compels you to this pain. You are also exposed to 1 year in prison. Moreover, the application of this legal provision also takes into account the context and the common sense of the initiator. If you are a parent concerned about the safety of your children, a reminder of the law is enough.

On the other hand, if you use it to put pressure on your partner, you risk being severely punished by the courts. When you use a spy application for the protection of minors, or within the framework of a company, for example to watch the history or the location of your employees, being devoid of malicious intent, you are protected.

Is it easier to spy on iPhone or Android?

iOS and Android operating systems are known to be completely safe and well optimized. For this purpose, they are considered difficult devices to monitor. Yet, using the best spy apps makes it easy to access your data on these different devices. They take advantage of system security breaches to install themselves. 

To easily access multimedia data, instant messaging and various applications, you must first register on the spy site. This gives you access to operator control panels. You then need to download the app and find a way to install it on the target phone. Be sure to debrief their smartphone in order to access all the features available to you.

This operation is quite simple and will only take a while. Moreover, if it seems complex to you, contact the developer's technical team to give you the necessary guidance. It tells you step by step how to proceed. Spying on an iPhone and Android only takes you a few minutes.

However, for Android smartphones, you must necessarily have physical access to it to carry out the various operations. Unlike an Android, in the case of an iPhone, it is recommended to find out the iCloud ID of the phone to be monitored in the provider's control panel. Once this operation is carried out, the synchronization is done automatically.

To access the most confidential information, you need to authenticate. This is done in two steps and requires access to the mobile phone for a few seconds, the time to validate the newly created access.

Ranking of the best phone spy apps

To effectively monitor a person, it is essential to bet on powerful spy applications. They allow you to have better control over the phone (iPhone or Android) and to access all the information contained therein. It is sometimes difficult to find one's way among the panoply of offers on the market. Find in this ranking the best of them.


This smartphone spy app is arguably the best you can use to control the device of:

  • Your partner
  • your children
  • Your employees
mSpy App Dashboard
mSpy App Dashboard

The mSpy tool has very advanced features that effectively monitor the information of the phone on which it is installed. Among other things, it helps to control the various calls made or received by the person being spied on. It is perfectly adapted to trace all the messages exchanged on the smartphone, even those deleted. 

mSpy spy software also makes it easy for you to monitor all social networks and messengers. It is also used to locate the mobile phone of your spouse, if you think he is cheating on you, or of your child. If you want to have full control over a person's online activities or track their applications, this is the ideal tool.

Among its spy features, you can even use this spy software to take screenshots of your iPhone or Android phone, or complete photo gallery recordings. It also allows you to consult all the media. Thus, you will have an idea of ​​the photos, videos and sounds that are saved on the device. It gives you the possibility to easily download these different data and to use them as you wish.


Hoverwatch is one of the best spy apps that you can use to monitor someone's phone. It is very practical and very easy to install. It is compatible with operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows. To install it, some of these require that you can physically access the phone of the person concerned.

On the other hand, others only require the device ID to infiltrate the system. Using this app helps you access a variety of features. It allows you to monitor in particular the contacts as well as the social networks of the device which houses it. Hoverwatch also gives you easy access to internet browsing history and wi-fi antennas used.

The spyware has a geolocation parameter which helps you to have details about the position of the person. This application was designed by the firm Refog Inc in 2002. Its main objective is to make it easier for parents to monitor their children. It is regularly updated to promote the addition of new features. 


It is the most trusted phone monitoring app. It was designed by a team of young engineers experienced in the task. It has many features to allow you to have better control over other devices. It is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. It should be noted that the application is available in free trial mode.


XNSPY allows you to have full control over your child's phone in this case. It can also be used on your partner's device, for example to spy on their messages. This application receives regular updates and installs in less than 5 minutes. The use of this tool requires that you can directly access the telephone of the person concerned.

XNSPY spy app mobile tracking is well invisible. It helps you to monitor SMS, calls, social media and device location. It has an option of specific alerts on particular words or places. This reduces the time spent checking emails or calls your child receives.

It essentially sends you notifications when the person being spied on visits certain websites, or goes to an unusual place or contacts individuals previously deemed suspicious.

4. The Truth Spy

The Truph Spy earns a good place in the ranking of the best cell phone spy apps. It was designed by American computer scientists with the aim of facilitating parental control for parents. It is also possible to use it to remove doubt about a partner suspected of infidelity.

This spy app for Android and iOS is also used in a professional setting. It helps you to verify the use that your employees make of the confidential information that you entrust to them. It easily hides in the heart of the tablet or smartphone to spy on.

The role of this spy software is to collect data from the iPhone or Android smartphone and send it to you via a private online monitoring space. The latter is in the database of The Truph Spy and can only be accessed by its owner. By turning to this tool, you therefore have the assurance that the information you collect is in a safe place.

You will be entitled to direct listening as well as a recording of the various telephone calls made by the person being monitored. It facilitates access to instant messaging applications such as:

  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google Hangouts

This spy app gives you the option to directly listen to the chats near the target device. To take advantage of this feature, you must remotely activate the ambient microphone of the mobile phone concerned. This will allow you to monitor the user's direct exchanges.

5. The Spy Bubble

This spyware is among the best spy apps that you can use to get control of a phone. It is a surveillance solution that offers you 100% security during use. It is available on Android and iOS operating systems. By opting for this application, you benefit from a customer service that can be contacted at all times.

SpyBubble, a mobile spy app that lets you track your child's online activities, is available for download. It is easy to use. It allows parents to access their children's content and activities from their mobile devices, for example their web history, their messages, or their location.

The installation and configuration of SpyBubble spy software is supported by The Spy Bubble technical team. This application is easily accessible from any browser you use. It allows better monitoring of Whatsapp discussions, phone calls and connection data. It should be noted that it also has a geolocation option.

Spy on Snapchat to view all text and media files sent and received by the target user. SpyBubble lets you monitor device activity remotely using Snapchat spy.

Track all WhatsApp communications and spy on WhatsApp WhatsApp spy allows you to monitor the messages and photos sent by the target user.

Monitor all conversations on Facebook. Find out the content and time of each message.

The Spy Bubble offers free online assistance for your first use. It has special spies for each of the social networks available on the monitored person's device.

So you can read all the media files and texts she sends and receives in all her chats. This application is very discreet and can be configured remotely.

6. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is featured on its official website as the best spyware on the market. It appeals to users all over the world.

The manufacturer is one of the few to offer real-time call monitoring and anytime microphone activation for ambient listening. However, its prices are higher than those of most of its competitors. But are they justified? This is what we are going to find out in this FlexiSpy review.

FlexiSpy lets you have full control over the device being spied on. It allows you to remove or install any app, update it remotely and uninstall it again.

One of the most intriguing features is the ability to take remote screenshots from the web interface.

These screenshots can be taken at any time as long as your smartphone is connected to an internet connection.

The Premium version is available for around 10 euros per month with a 12 month subscription. The Extreme version is available for 25 euros with a 12 month contract.

7. Umobix

Umobix is ​​a very popular spyware. It is particularly used for monitoring your children's phones. Phone activity can be monitored, including messages and call logs. It is also possible to follow all social networks. Even if the phone is not in use, it is possible to collect information about messages and notifications.


The app allows for outright monitoring and also provides access to GPS tracking of the person's mobile data to enable their location at all times.

The control keeps tabs on things you might not have thought of, like location, internet history, and photo gallery.


Using a phone spy app helps to monitor your child, partner or your employees. However, to install it on equipment, it is preferable to notify the person so as not to find themselves under the blow of the law. It infiltrates easily, regardless of the user's brand and operating system. The best of them offer many features such as the ability to access strictly private data.

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