Smartphone, computer: do we wait for black friday to change it?
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Smartphone, computer: do we wait for black friday to change it?

Black Friday is certainly the meeting most eager for new technologies. Indeed, the American trade holiday is known to provide consumers with great opportunities to do business on the devices of their choice, especially when they are high-tech. But are these promotions really interesting, and is it finally the right time to change your smartphone or professional computer? Response elements.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a commercial holiday that comes straight from the United States. It usually takes place at the end of November, and will take place this year on the 25th of the month. It allows, in France as elsewhere, to ptake advantage of reduced prices on a wide choice of items, in anticipation of the end of year celebrations. If all sectors are concerned, that of new technologies is generally the most represented in terms of exceptional offers.

Buying your devices for Black Friday: is it really such a good idea?

When Black Friday approaches, many of us browse online catalogs and e-commerce sites looking for bargains. This is particularly true this year, because inflation is having a huge impact on the new technologies sector and is weighing heavily on the price of high-tech devices (smartphones in the lead, with the impressive increase in the sale price of the latest iPhone, for example).

From a strictly financial point of view, waiting for Black Friday is a good calculation. Indeed, almost all brands (manufacturers and merchant sites included) lower their prices on this occasion. Whether you want to treat yourself to a new phone, a desktop computer or even a printer, you're pretty sure you're getting a good deal.


Beware of scams during Black Friday 2022

Still, Black Friday isn't the only time you can save money. In France, we also have the French Days (which arrive a little earlier, usually just after the start of the school year), Cyber ​​Monday, but also the sales. This variety of opportunities will allow you toe also do according to your needs. If you absolutely have to change a computer that has broken down, you can't always wait for Black Friday to arrive.

Another important precaution: scams are legion on the occasion of Black Friday. They are sometimes perpetrated by the brands themselves, which have tendency to inflate prices before the fateful date to pass off a reduction of less than 5% for an incredible deal.

But less scrupulous people are also taking advantage of the buying frenzy to create phishing sites. These are similar in all respects to official online stores in order to deceive you more easily and recover your bank details.

Opportunities abound to do good business

If you plan to take advantage of Black Friday, do so knowingly. Take the time to compare offers on the latest catalog Black Friday 2022 Leclerc for example, or directly on the site of stores recognized as Darty ou la Fnac.

Then, do not limit yourself to this date alone, or even to commercial holidays. Refurbished devices are, for example, a great way to save money, at any time of the year!

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