SEO consultant: how to find clients?
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SEO consultant: how to find clients?

Being at the top of the rankings, while having competitive and broad keywords, is a real challenge for a company. Indeed, the traffic being on the first 3 positions, a mark risks to be invisible for the Net surfers if it is not positioned there.

Fortunately, this is possible thanks to the work of the SEO referrers. Even if it therefore seems obvious for an SEO consultant to find clients, the following tips can help him.

Increase your reputation, develop your website and create niche sites

Searching for clients is a main source of stress for SEO consultants. Just like you, your competitors are also looking to gain market share, which reduces your chances of finding customers. So, to stand out, it is important to have a solid base, made up of satisfied customers, which you will need to develop. The more your reputation grows, the more the number of your customers increases.

Moreover, developing your website is an obvious step to find customers. They naturally want to see your success and have an idea of ​​what you can offer them.

Local entrepreneurs are, therefore, the easiest prospects to target. They want to be at the top of the ranking list and make the most of it. There are also specific niches for a well-defined area and they are very competitive. These are specific to each locality. They often contain words like lawyers, dentists, estate, agents and other popular sectors. If you build niche sites in these areas, you can get free publicity and be front and center when prospects search for websites associated with these industries.

While the missions of traditional SEO consultants are to create a website for a brand or to optimize the ranking of an existing site, there are also other services that you can offer to your potential customers. If you have created a niche site as mentioned earlier, consider selling or renting it. It must be emphasized that renting an ad on the homepage can significantly generate constant resources. At the same time, you can work at the customer's site.

Take advantage of the network of your existing customers, buy advertisements and join groups of entrepreneurs

There are several solutions that reduce the need to present yourself directly to your customers. Of course, you will always need to have some sense of selling. Since your current customers have relationships with other entrepreneurs or work with other service providers, it is enough to encourage them to recommend your service. So you won't have to do a lot to find new customers and close a deal. You can offer them an offer or a discount, possibly a free month or a social media promotion. This should be enough to promote your service to their network.

There are also re-targeting ads that appear on other sites, when a visitor has closed a website. On their first visit, most internet users, including business owners, don't buy right away. That said, chances are that after seeing the ad a few times, people will decide to buy. This is also the case for your online offers. Thanks to retargeting, your brand has every chance of being seen on many occasions. This will increase your chances of being considered by the contractor. Indeed, retargeting is an ingenious solution that will allow you to create your brand image and promote your service, especially since its cost is affordable.

Also, entrepreneur associations and groups are a great way to connect with potential customers, although they don't really require self-promotion. Either way, SEO is a must for every business, although many entrepreneurs still don't understand the importance of this technique and its benefits. Remember to explain to them what you are doing. Often this can help you find new customers.

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