Our advice for creating an advertising spot on YouTube
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Our advice for creating an advertising spot on YouTube

Nowadays videos are more interesting than photos on social networks. Designing a YouTube commercial is recommended if you want to grow in visibility.

A video has several advantages. Images tend to sit better in our minds than a text we read. And yes, as you can imagine, the reach of a video is therefore important.

Present on all the devices we use, the advertising video has something unique and striking. It's a simple way to promote yourself.

Advertising video by creating video content on YouTube is to maximize its chances of being seen. Youtube is the second most used search engine on the planet after google.

But then how to create a good advertising spot on Youtube?

That's what we're going to see!

First of all, to create an advertising spot on this platform, it is important to know some basic notions about it.

There are different forms of video ads on YouTube.

There are 5 ad formats: inStream, InSarch, InDisplay, Inslate and InVideo.

Each format is characterized by a difference. Let's take the example of InStream: it is the advertising format that will only cost you if the user decides to watch the whole video.

It is also the format that allows YouTube consumers to skip advertising through the “skip Ads” box that appears at the bottom right of your videos.

The InDisplay format, on the other hand, represents the suggestions that are on the right of your YouTube page.

In reality, there are a multitude of advertising formats, especially for the version of the application dedicated to mobile.

As you will have understood, before creating an advertising spot on YouTube, it is first a question of choosing its format. But that's not all, creating a qualitative advertising spot requires having certain essential keys.

But do not panic, we will give them to you.

  • First, create a good quality video. Making users want to know more starts with the quality of the video. Today, all YouTube videos are in High Definition. If the content you offer is blurry or pixelated, the YouTube consumer will not want to discover your business. Some negative connotations can be directly made, some will think that the service you offer is low-end, others will think that it is of poor quality. Which is not necessarily the case, we agree, but it's up to you to prevent the brains of your future customers from playing such tricks on them.
  • Tell a story. Find a hook, especially if you are in the InStream format, the goal is that your potential customer is interested enough to stay beyond the 5 seconds for which he will be forced to watch the ad. Tell a story, a fact, a figure, your storytelling, it doesn't matter as long as the user is interested in what you count.
  • A successful video edit can liven up your ad. Take the very principle of YouTube for example, a properly edited video, with effects and collages of images, can easily generate laughter and go viral. Standing out from the competition and playing on the comic effect that advertising can provide is not a bad idea.

Target your customers

But first of all, it is important to define who you are talking to in order to know who to talk to and how.

YouTube is a platform dependent on Google Ads, this tool will allow you to define your target, but also to know what impact your advertising has had.

Who did she touch? How old are they ? Where do they come from ? What do they like?

In short, you will have access to a range of diverse and varied data that will represent a real asset for the creation of your next advertisement.

From an advertising perspective, YouTube works the same way as Instagram and Facebook. An advertising campaign on YouTube is financed on a cost-per-click basis. This practice has an advantage, it is you who decides the scope of your advertising according to your budget. It is estimated that a campaign costs between €0,10 and €0,30 per customer.

But despite the sums of money invested in communication are not always enough to attract future customers to the company's website.

Why not use a communication agency?

Sometimes, when the way of proceeding is not the good one and that the sales do not increase in spite of the efforts provided by the investment of the company, to externalize the work and to resort to a web agency still remains the best solution.

You will entrust him with a task that he masters, and you will see your sales increase much more easily.

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