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Optimize your Tumblr images for natural referencing

Tumblr has quickly established itself as a service for publishing quality content and effective simplicity, allowing everyone to personalize their "tumbleblog" through the publication of texts, images, videos, quotes or of links.

You can also insert an image and/or a link to a text, which offers endless possibilities. It remains to know how to optimize the images that are published there for the natural reference.

Here are some methods:

The choice of the URL: facilitating the access path for the search engine

In order to allow the search engine to fully understand the construction of your Tumblr site, it is indeed necessary to offer it well-formed URLs. Thus, you need to enable descriptive URLs. For that, here is the way to follow:

  • Customize > Advances > check the box “Use descriptive URLs”

Optimize your Tumblr images for SEO

When you use Tumblr, you certainly notice that you cannot customize the name of the images you post, this is one of the flaws of Tumblr in terms of SEO. In order to still be able to add your two cents to it, there is a solution: add the alt attribute to the tag.

In general, Tumblr users post more images than text, which for the reason mentioned above, is not a good thing for the SEO of your Tumbleblog. Indeed, only texts have real value for search engines, which cannot access an image without a title. That said, you can, if you want to optimize the natural referencing of your images, add text and then insert your image. In this case, it will be easier for the search engine to find your image, by referencing the textual content.

Sure, it's longer and you might not have planned to add text to your Tumbleblog like many Tumblr users do, but it's the only way to optimize your images for SEO.

Optimize your content for easier access to your images on Tumblr

As you know, it is through the text that the search engine will access your content and therefore your images. It is therefore necessary to follow the good rules of SEO in order to optimize your texts preceding your images.

To do this, apply the basic rules of SEO to Tumblr:

  • Use of Hx tags (h1, h2, h3…)
  • Choose the right keywords for your titles and subtitles
  • Add a sitemap (sitemap) which would make it easier for search engines to navigate

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