Nintendo Switch just joined an elite club of consoles
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Nintendo Switch just joined an elite club of consoles

The Nintendo Switch achieved legendary gaming status by surpassing 100 million worldwide sales of the console in its various guises, surpassing the mighty Nintendo Wii.

In its latest earnings report, the company announced an additional 18,95 million Switch sales in the nine months to the end of 2021, bringing the total to 103,54 million overall since the switch went on sale. the device in 2017.

Of that total, the Switch OLED accounted for 3,99 million, while 17,89 million Switch Lite handhelds were sold.

The overall figure exceeds the tally achieved by the Nintendo Wii during its lifetime, which racked up 101,63 million. It's a stunning performance from Nintendo, which puts into context the revelation that the Switch has been for the past five years.

The Switch is also ahead of Sony's original PlayStation in the rankings which sold 102,49 million as it took the world by storm with its CD player. Nintendo now has the PS4 in its sights and could surpass that 116,9 million by the end of the year, although Sony is still producing the console and selling it, in light of continued PS5 shortages.

Nintendo expects to sell 23 million Switch consoles in 2022, down slightly from the 24 million it originally forecast. This lower projection is due to the continued shortage of semiconductors which will limit the number of Switch consoles Nintendo can keep on the shelves.

"The outlook for semiconductors and other components has remained uncertain since the start of this fiscal year and distribution delays remain unresolved, so production and logistics continue to be impacted," Nintendo said in a statement. a statement.

Topping the list, in terms of all-time sales, is still the mighty PlayStation 2, which is ahead of around 155 million. The Nintendo DS and GameBoy families (across multiple generations) are second and third, respectively. What are the odds the Nintendo Switch will top the list by the time it hangs up its Joy-Cons?

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