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Netatmo smart lock: how to install it?

The Netatmo smart lock is an object that will simplify your life, while allowing you to keep the manual locking action. The Netatmo connected lock offers you complete security et optimal. With the Netatmo brand, you have the choice of using your keys or using your Smartphone to piloremotely ter your lock. Thanks to the connection of the keys, you can activate or deactivate your door at any time through the Netatmo app. But for your connected lock to be effective, it must be installed to meet standards.

Concept of the Netatmo connected lock

The connected lock or the smart lock is an object that has taken the place of the traditional connected lock. Like all connected locks, those of the Netatmo brand also allow the locking or unlocking from your doorstep, but specifically, you can still use your key when you opt for the Netatmo connected lock.

“To order your Netatmo connected lock, you can do so using the Bluetooth of your Smartphone only, but not using Wi-Fi.”

Opening your door depends on the smart lock you choose, all models have different functionalities.

Features of the Netatmo connected lock

The Netatmo smart lock is made for users to feel safe, but above all to allow them to still use their keys. If you are a fan of manual keys, the installation of the connected lock is a best alternative so that you are safe during a robbery from your home.

It is common to use keys, but choosing a connected lock frees you from the worries when you lose your keys, because the Netatmo connected lock allows you to operate the unlocking and locking from your door through the Bluetooth of your Smartphone.

For the proper functioning of your Netatmo connected lock, simply adjust it by activating or deactivating your keys via the Netatmo app. Even your hosts can open your lock through the Bluetooth of their Smartphone by sending them invitations through the Netatmo application.

Even if the Netatmo connected lock works with your Smartphone's Bluetooth, you cannot control your lock by exceeding +10 meters. But the benefit of using the Netatmo connected lock is that it protect you risk of theft, because thieves cannot unlock your lock without knowing:

  • the location of your home;
  • nor without being there.


Netatmo connected lock: guarantee of the security of your home

The Netatmo connected lock is designed so that the door of your house is in optimal safety. For this, the manufacturers of the Netatmo smart lock have made keys or locks a real coded gadget. If you opt for the installation of the connected lock, you can be sure that no one can pirate or reproduce it. The Netatmo connected lock is a single model, which guarantees your maximum safety.

Devices for the installation of the Netatmo connected lock

THEinstalling the Netatmo connected lock requires various tools. When you purchased your smart lock, you had all your accessories for installation as a pack. However, any installation of connected locks requires the use of the flat or Phillips screwdriver. For your safety, bring screws that are suitable for your door.

The devices you need in the assembly of the Netatmo connected lock are: the outdoor or indoor surveillance camerae of the Netatmo brand including the alarm system and motion detector, then the smoke detector, the connected Thermostat of the Netatmo brand, the rain gauge or the connected anemometer.

If you are installing the Netatmo connected lock, be aware that it is compatible with other devices like the smoke detector for example. Thereby, your smartphone receives a notification following the various activities that the camera placed in the house captured. Hence the maximum security of your connected home will be undeniably assured.

Steps for installing the Netatmo connected lock

To obtain optimal efficiency from your Netatmo connected lock, you must follow the steps below. First of all, disassemble the system you placed before, change the old cylinder by the new, put the plate of the pillar before screwing it to your door. Now proceed to installing your lock connected Netatmo on this plate, then screw it. Before locking your door by hand, please place the 4 batteries of the lock, once this action has been carried out, put the shell above your connected system. Arrived at this stage, you can proceed to the configure your device in order to connect it to your Smartphone or to the home automation unit.

Although lock designers have designed universal locks that can replace manual locks, it is recommended take into account if the original cylinder fits your door as well as in your installation. Otherwise, you must buy a connected lock that is installed according to the size of your door.

In terms of security, the Netatmo connected lock is used via Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi. Thus, all the information from your key is placed in the Smart Door Lock and no one can copy it. In addition, the installation of the accelerometer in the Netatmo connected lock makes it possible to know the theft attempts.

So you know how to install your lock without the intervention of a professional. That said, it's always wise to hire a professional to keep your gadget running smoothly.

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