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MP3 YouTube: the best for downloading and converting a YouTube video

Youtube mp3

YouTube-MP3 was an online service that allowed users to convert videos from YouTube to MP3 files.

After a complaint from American record companies, the site was shut down in September 2017. Philip Matesanz, owner of the site, agreed to pay significant compensation to artists and give the domain name to the Recording Industry Association of America. Under penalty of more serious prosecution, it is forbidden to create a similar site. Many other sites offer the ability to download YouTube videos in different formats, including MP3.


To download videos, just use the fastest and free MP3 converter.

This is a video converter that converts your favorite videos to MP3 format without ads. It is compatible with all YouTube MP3 and YouTube MP4 devices.

NoTube is a simple, anonymous and fast YouTube MP3 and YouTube MP4 converter.

Now it's easier than ever to download YouTube videos

Enter keywords and paste the URL or link to your YouTube video. Then choose MP3 format or MP4 format. You are now ready to download your video in the MP3 or MP4 format of your choice. It will remain anonymous and will not require registration.

NoTube: A Powerful YouTube Converter

NoTube is a YouTube converter that allows users to save their favorite videos in any format they want. To convert YouTube videos to MP3, MP4 or other formats, you don't need many tools. NoTube, on the other hand, uses the latest technologies and is the number one video converter, video converter compatible with all devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers. This MP3 – MP4 converter was created for YouTube users by a user.

converter tips

Want to convert YouTube videos to MP3? Change the url in the You Tube address bar “…” to “…” and download your content!

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Flvto YouTube Downloader MP3

How to use Flvto YouTube MP3 Downloader?

Our site is the best way to convert YouTube videos to MP3 online. To produce the best MP3 quality, we only use the highest quality videos.

Works with all OS

Our goal is to satisfy all users who want to convert YouTube videos to MP3 or other formats. Our YouTube to MP3 converter tool works perfectly on Windows, MacOS and Linux. You just need to copy the URL of the video you want and start enjoying the high quality tracks right from your desktop.

Trails to take away

The converter is very useful for transferring or downloading YouTube videos in popular formats like MP3 320kbps. Sometimes mp3 format is not good enough. If you only want to listen to the music and not watch the video, the mp3 format is ideal.

This YouTube converter allows you to convert MP3 HQ files to MP3 and listen to them on your computer, mp3 player or laptop.

Convert any video

Don't know how to download music from YouTube? Do you prefer Vimeo? Do you prefer Dailymotion? It works with all video hosting sites and services, including Metacafe and Facebook. No matter what site URL you use, the video will be perfectly converted and downloaded as an audio track on any computer.

How to convert YouTube music to mp3

Copy your YouTube video URL as shown in the screenshot below. Enter the URL in the input field, then click the "Convert to" button. There it's done ! It took 2 minutes

Copy the URL of the video you want

First, go to YouTube and select the video you want to download. Copy the link as shown in this image.

Paste the link in the download area on the site

Then open the FLVTO converter and copy the URL of the video or playlist you want to listen offline.

Choose the right format for download

You can find a variety of audio and video formats on our site. You can download music online by selecting MP3 format. Our free converter allows you to quickly download your favorite music.

To begin the conversion process, click the "Convert" button.

Usually, downloading music from YouTube takes about 20 seconds. This may take up to 2 minutes if the server is full or the internet connection is slow enough to allow conversion.


This is the last step! Click the "Download" button to download your music in MP3 format directly to your device. You can also email or dropbox a link to the download link. Use our YouTube downloader for free!

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DVDVideoSoft has been on the market for over 10 years. The company was founded in 2006 and has long been a leader in the development of multimedia applications.

The famous Free YouTube Download and Free YouTube To MP3 Converter were two of the first products. Both are now available on Mac and PC, with over 300 million installs! There are many formats and options available, although most of them can be downloaded for free. We recently launched SubtitleDownloader, Playlist Downloader, and Free YouTube to MP4 converter. We have compiled all the best YouTube downloader and converter tools in one article. They are all reliable, safe and multi-functional desktop applications. These software have many features that are often lacking in online tools. You can also see the differences between online and desktop download software.

We didn't stop there. We have also released handy apps for daily use such as screen recorders, screen recorders, and video and audio editing apps. The Free Studio package, which includes DVDVideoSoft's most popular applications, is often compared to a "Swiss army knife" because it contains several tools.

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