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Melanie2web / Email: connection to messaging

Communication is essential to the proper functioning of an administration. Public sector agents have access to information sharing tools. Melanie2web is a messaging platform for civil servants from different ministries. It is a communication tool that must be well known to the target audience.

Melanie2web: what is it?

It is a communication platform that allows officials from certain ministries to communicate securely. Find out how it works and how to use it.

Melanie2web, also called Mel Messaging or Melanie 2 Web Din, is a reliable and ergonomic messaging platform for agents of the following departments

  • Sustainable Development Department
  • Ministry of Ecology
  • The Minister of Agriculture
  • Ministry of transportation
  • Ministry of Housing

The Melanie2web platform allows you to access the messaging interfaces of the administrations. The purpose of the portal is to foster collaboration by sending and receiving emails. The civil servant or the representative of a ministry can quickly exchange professional information with his colleagues via Melanie2web. Digital communication facilitates and streamlines communication in administrations. The government has launched Melanie2web to facilitate secure sharing of data within the aforementioned ministries. All the necessary safeguards have been put in place to ensure the security of communication.

Advantages of Melanie2web

Melanie2web can accomplish many tasks. The platform is fully capable of fulfilling the purpose for which it was designed.

Mel has many advantages, including reliability and security. Mel is 100% reliable. The website is safe and secure.

It has a powerful functioning that ensures the fluidity of exchanges and professional relations. Users can instantly view documents and share large files.

This saves considerable time. All this without mentioning the fact that the data is centralized with this platform. Public servants have access to information wherever they are, so they can access it wherever they are.

Another advantage is its ease of use and ergonomics. It allows departments to manage their projects more efficiently. Agents from different departments can save a lot of time by using Melanie2web. They can complete their work quickly and efficiently.

The platform also supports real motivation at the administrative level by promoting interpersonal exchanges and creating a community. Surveys show that Melanie2web contributes decisively to the success of many projects. It allows civil servants to collaborate in good conditions. This is a key factor in optimizing productivity.

How quickly users exchange information

Mélanie2web is a messaging platform that facilitates communication between executives. Users can share information with each other through the appropriate interface. The messaging portal is known for the speed of its exchanges. It is intuitive and ergonomic, which makes it easy to use for everyone. Melanie2web offers workers the possibility of obtaining urgent information quickly.

The fluidity of the platform promotes teamwork and collaboration on projects. Users can form small groups to collaborate on an idea. Messaging allows the competent authorities to keep an eye on the objectives of the ministries through exchanges. The platform makes information available to workers when needed.

Remote access to folders

Melanie2web is a tool that is part of the dynamics of digitalization of administrations. The messaging platform allows remote consultation of documents. The workers of the departments concerned need information to carry out their tasks, like any professional. The Mel Messaging portal provides access to files from any connection terminal. To make the files more accessible in an administrative environment, they can be uploaded to Melanie2web. It allows users to limit travel time for finding information. This is a considerable time saver.

Data centralization

Melanie2web enables collaboration between agents from different administrations. The portal centralizes the information that is shared. When data is shared, it is recorded and stored. Civil servants have access to the data that has been shared within their service. The Melanie2web platform offers a simple solution for processing and making information available. It allows users to find all the information they need for their respective missions in one place.

Data security

Sharing digital documents can be a tool for optimizing administrative management. It also raises a major concern: data security. Melanie2web is able to meet the challenge of the security of the information exchanged. This portal is designed to protect against cyberattacks. It offers the best level of computer security and is able to cope with all the maneuvers of cybercriminals.

How to access your Melanie2 Web account

Connection via an Internet browser

Melanie 2 Web is accessible on smartphone and computer. Use your device to access the official website address. The web address of the platform is The access portal will allow you to directly access the Melanie2web interface.

If that fails, you can go to Google and enter Melanie2web in the search bar to find the right site. After fulfilling the terms of use and entering your data, the Melanie2web interface will open and allow you to access all the features.

To access the Melanie2web interface, you must type in your browser and use one of the following two addresses: or

Mélanie2web is only accessible to professionals from the five administrations mentioned above. It is therefore reserved for a specific group of people. The professional can access the platform either directly or indirectly as a member of the service. The direct connection consists for the professional of opening a browser on his computer, or his mobile device. Then, it launches the official address of the platform which is: If he does not find the portal he wants, he can always launch a request to the address from his browser. Once he has found the platform, he must connect to it by clicking on “Connection”.

Sign in to a Cerberus account

Agents of certain services have access to Cerberus accounts. This gives them direct access to melanie2web messaging. This facilitates collaboration between teams.

The indirect connection consists of using a Cerberus account in order to access the Melanie2web messaging platform. Only certain service managers have a Cerbère account. These include agents from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Ecological Transition, Sustainable Development, and the Departmental Directorate of Territories.

Connect via smartphone or tablet

When you come to the interface of the mail program, you will see three bars on the right side.

The "Add to your home screen" section will allow you to make the icon appear on your desktop. By clicking on the icon, you will access the user area of ​​your collaboration tool. To access the various features of collaborative messaging, all you have to do is enter your password.

Install a melanie2web shortcut on your device

You will need an internet connection and a smartphone/computer to log in to your Melanie2web profile. Start by opening your web browser on your device. It can be Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Then type the address of Melanie2web. For this, there are two links: and The last link corresponded to the old official address. It has however been replaced by the first link. If you are unable to access the platform through these addresses, search for Mélanie2web on Google.

You will also be presented with the Mel app login interface once you log into the Melanie2web site. To add a Mel shortcut to your phone's home screen, click on the "add" option.

What to do if melanie2web presents a bug?

Employees sometimes have difficulty accessing the Melanie2web collaborative messaging platform. This is often due to user authentication. This may be because the Cerberus account has been blocked due to an incorrect password or login. In this case, an account unblocking process will be necessary.

After clicking on “Unblock my account”, the professional will have to fill out a form. Cerberus will email the account holder with instructions to unlock the account once the information is correct. In practice, the email includes a link to a page that directs the employee to the page where he will have to change his password without providing the old one.

Aware of the difficulties that may arise, MELANIE2WEB has created a telephone number so that users can reach them for assistance. This number can be reached at +33 1 40 81 21 22, and is available during and after working hours.

It is best to contact Eco Transition, the current coordinator of Melanie2web, as soon as possible. Experts will handle your complaints and guide you through recovering your account or credentials.

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