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SEO positioning difficult? Try the long tail!

Imagine: you are a men's clothing brand and want to position yourself on the web to sell white shirts. Of course, the keywords "white shirt" or even "men's shirt" are the object of covetousness and the bidding ignites. You have several options:

  1. Give up
  2. Stop selling white shirts
  3. Ignore your positioning on the web
  4. Betting on another very effective technique

As a good entrepreneur, you obviously decide to turn to the last option: bet on a very effective technique, which will allow your site - and in particular your white shirts for men - to gain visibility and to sell like hot cakes…

… But we are not there yet.

First of all, you need to understand what the long tail is. Ready? Let's go.

Ah... and before we forget, let's take the time to dust off the space...

The long tail has nothing to do with marriage.

So. It's done.

The long tail, what is it for?

The long tail is inspired by a concept developed a few years ago by Chris Anderson, who says: "Products that are in low demand, or have a low volume of sales, can collectively represent a market share equal to or greater than that of the best-sellers, if the distribution channels can offer enough choice, and create the link allowing them to be discovered. »

En natural referencing SEO, the long tail corresponds to expressions that attract less traffic, and therefore less competitive. On the other hand, it is quality visitors who will be attracted by long tail expressions. As a result, these visitors will have a greater propensity to convert into prospects, then into customers.

Back to men's shirts (which you sell). You have turned your back on the expression "men's shirt", which you consider too competitive (and you are doing well). On the other hand, you can position yourself on other long-tail expressions for which the competition is much less important. For example :

  • Organic cotton shirt for men
  • White shirt with French cuff

Are you following us?

Anatomy of a Long Tail Expression

In SEO, we speak of “long tail” for expressions comprising several words (usually 4 to 5 words). Because they are longer, they are also more detailed.

Of course, if you just observe, on the tools you have at your disposal, the number of monthly searches for an expression on Google, it is quite possible that you will immediately turn around. But before closing the door to this expression, think about it: the more your expression is detailed, the more it is precise and therefore the more it will correspond to the requests of Internet users.

The long tail query is, by definition:

  • Longer than a keyword
  • Less Wanted
  • Less competitive

… but it has the power to attract quality traffic to your site!

The power of long tail expressions

Still at the head of your men's clothing store (at least until the end of this article), you have only one obsession in mind: to sell as many units as possible. By observing the results of your website, thanks to the team of professionals who accompany you (thank you Tremplin Numérique !), you realize that:

  • Generic expressions and keywords attract a lot of traffic, but convert little. The keyword "men's shirt" indeed attracts several thousand requests per month, but very few sales result from it.
  • 2 or 3 word expressions (Gucci men's shirt, blue men's shirt, evening men's shirt) seem to attract less traffic, but people who land on your site are more likely to follow through and buy your products
  • Targeted expressions (men's shirt in organic cotton), meanwhile, attract few visitors, but it is these same visitors who put the shirt in their basket and make the purchase.

As a good entrepreneur, what type of keyword do you bet on?


We agree.

Long tail: what we don't tell you (but we tell you anyway…)

It is obvious that the work of finding long tail expressions is more important than that of finding a few generic keywords. But the time invested in this upstream work pays off. Very paying, even. The team of Tremplin Numérique spends hours on a detailed analysis of the sites and areas of activity of its customers. In the end, these are expressions that we qualify as “goose that lays the golden egg”… you will understand why!

Investing in long tail expressions is therefore longer, but more profitable.

Another thing: for the long tail to benefit you, it is preferable that your site enjoys good popularity and a certain seniority. This is why we recommend, in the case of certain clients, to seek to obtain quality backlinks to the service offered. Inbound links to your site are important, as they directly impact the popularity of your site. The higher their quality, the better. Thanks to our work, our tools and our network, we offer services including quality backlinks. We offer them to you if necessary.

How do you find long tail keywords and phrases?

Like everything on the web, the long tail is not magical. It is through elaborate tools that we manage to find long tail keywords and phrases for our clients.

But even more… when we work in collaboration with a client, we take the time to understand their activity, their company, their field, their clients, their objectives… We go as far as possible in our approach, to take ownership of the work at hand. do and the results. This allows us to define, in a natural way, long-tail key phrases that coincide with the projects we are working on.

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