How to use a VPN for the benefit of an SEO strategy?
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How to use a VPN for the benefit of an SEO strategy?

Very appreciated by a large community of Internet users in search of cybersecurity or geo-blocked content, VPNs also collect praise from other contexts. Applying an SEO strategy is a perfect example. How to explain this relevant link between virtual private networks and the optimization of web pages? Why are “my IP” and SEO sometimes incompatible? Let's see that in this comprehensive and objective article.

 SEO strategy: what a VPN can offer you

Perform local searches

Depending on the target market, it will sometimes be wise to carry out precise research according to a specific location. Inevitably, as a French Internet user, it will be impossible to access results associated with English or Spanish consumers, for example. Conversely, probing the French market outside France will often be synonymous with an obstacle course.

Using a VPN will allow you to simulate a specific location. In other words, regardless of the target audience for your activities, your analytics will not be parasitized by your location.

Preserve your confidentiality against the competition

Optimizing an SEO strategy inevitably involves analyzing competing models. So, you might want to visit (or even try out) services on the web. Not to mention industrial espionage, this approach will allow you to optimize yours by taking what is best done while avoiding some mistakes. However, did you know that your IP address can reveal your identity?

If you are a beginner, "my IP" refers to a unique numerical identifier. In other words, whatever your equipment, it will leave a digital trace. The use of a VPN will solve this problem thanks to a formidable feature: it masks the IP address. Thus, after having activated your virtual private network via your dedicated application, you will be able to browse in complete confidentiality. Understand by this that your identification will simply become impossible during your analyzes of the competition. So why deprive yourself of it?

Work as a team ... And in complete safety

Cybercrime is a scourge that now affects every internet user, whether professional or not. However, it is clear that companies are particularly targeted by hackers. Indeed, if the simple act of "trolling" is a source of motivation for many hackers, the lure of profit is also a priority for others. Phishing attempts, keyloggers and other methods have multiplied over the last few years. Unsurprisingly, spying on SEO strategies is no exception to this worrying trend where hackers are sometimes themselves invested by the competition.

Using a VPN within a (remote) team will be wise to encrypt the data sent and received. In such a context, “Man of the Middle” type attacks (interception of data between a sender and recipient) will become anecdotal.

Watch out for free VPNs

Using a VPN can actually meet the expectations of SEO experts. However, an essential step will be the choice of the supplier. Favoring popular services is a sine qua non for enjoying an optimal experience (especially with regard to speed when browsing). In addition, some Internet users may be interested in free VPN offers. And yet, these services will not meet their expectations for several reasons:

The majority of free VPNs significantly restrict the speed of their users

These services often collect browsing history (log policy)

Some free VPNs spread viruses on purpose or not

As you will have understood, free VPNs combine the disadvantages with significant risks. Take care to select your supplier based on the opinions of other users, they will often provide you with valuable information.

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