How to successfully organize remote work?
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How to successfully organize remote work?

Do you have a network of partners and collaborators around the world with whom you work? Do you have difficulties with the way you organize your work meetings and you want to change it? Here's some helpful information on how you can successfully organize remote work. Read on to get an idea of ​​the methods you can put to use.

Use suitable remote work tools

To successfully organize remote work, the first thing to do is to use appropriate tools, for example a mental map, also called " mind map“. Indeed, this is an essential step for any company with employees working from home. Mind maps help bring different work teams together around specific tasks.

Remote work tools help employees participate in achieving the structure's objectives, regardless of their location. They give them the possibility of intervening effectively in the life of the company in spite of a possible remoteness. It is therefore necessary to opt for tools that allow you to do:

  • the modeling of user stories,
  • agile planning,
  • design iteration.

Also make sure that the tool you use is able to support you in managing your visual projects. Check if it is able to support the number of collaborators you have. You can also analyze its interface to ensure that it is ergonomic and intuitive. It must also have advanced features and be subject to continuous improvement.

Rigorously plan the content

If you want to successfully organize remote work, you must rigorously define all the stages of it in advance. To do this, the team that will be in charge of its development must have a perfect knowledge of your objectives as well as your means. The different elements of the content actually contribute to the achievement of the targeted results.

You must have on the work interface all the functionalities required for the proper execution of the tasks you have defined. Integrate tools that allow your employees and partners to organize themselves independently. You thus contribute to the development of their creativity while keeping in mind the primary mission of the company.

In addition, consider organizing group work sessions on a regular basis. During these, the exchanges must be well structured. Rigorously define the content of your virtual meetings in order to get the most out of them at the end of the discussions. Identify in advance and precisely the points on which you will have to discuss during the sessions.

Do not forget to send (a few days or hours in advance) the content to the different participants. This allows them to have a clear idea of ​​what will be discussed during the meeting.

Schedule the course of the sessions

You must precisely schedule the course of your various work sessions. Good planning of meetings on time allows you to have an idea of ​​the different sequences. It also helps your partners and collaborators to understand the chronology of the session and to know when and how to intervene.

By programming the course of your sessions, you save considerable time. You can be accompanied at this stage by online tools and professionals, whether internal or external. You must also schedule the progress of all the tasks that you perform remotely.

This allows you to have an idea of ​​its exact duration (a deadline for effective time management). Such scheduling lets collaborators know when they will begin execution and when it will end. By giving them access to the flow of company activities, they become aware of the impact that their task has on that of others.

Be concise during interventions and involve the various collaborators 

The two remaining solutions relate to the content of the speeches and the involvement of the various participants.

Be concise when speaking

One of the essential components of remote work is undoubtedly conciseness. If you're hosting online meetings, you need to learn to be brief and to the point when you speak. You will also have to encourage your employees to do the same. By doing so, you will be able to stick to the set time for the meeting.

You will also succeed in capturing the attention of the various participants in the working session, which means that they will not be bored. Each speaker must have a certain number of minutes to speak.

Involve the different collaborators 

To successfully organize remote work, you can involve your employees. You can do this by finding ways to boost their motivation. Assign them well-defined tasks and responsibilities that will make them feel involved in the meeting.

Give everyone the floor and appreciate each intervention. This will encourage each participant to speak up and take interest in the working session. This is arguably one of the best tips that helps you energize your meetings.

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