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How to succeed in your netlinking campaign?

After optimizing your pages for natural referencing which we have discussed here, here is another essential aspect of SEO: netliking.

Netlinking, also called backlinking, is the technique allowing the increase of hypertext links leading to a given site. An e-marketing technique that is part of SEO optimization tools. It pays off provided it is done in time and properly.

Indeed, the principle of creating links via sites with an audience comparable to yours will cause an increase in traffic with high added value.

This cloud of links that converges on your site also creates interest for search engine crawlers who will find your site worthy of interest.

Netlinking: definition

Netlinking is defined as an exchange of links between two internet pages. If, in practice, in its early days, two or three pages and a few directories were enough, the data has now become more complex. You have to know how to create relevant content to give value to the link you want to place on another page.

Backlinks have a double interest:

  • Bring qualified traffic directly to you.
  • Improve your popularity and therefore your natural reference. Indeed, the incoming links (in quality and quantity) constitute the Page Rank of Google (PR): an index measuring the popularity of a WEB page. And this PageRank (rating from 0 to 10) is one of the factors used by Google to rank search results.

Prioritize quality backlinks over quantity

The effectiveness of its netlinking strategy corresponds to its ability to create relevant backlinks. However, you still need to know how to position yourself correctly:

  • On a site with a theme close to his.
  • At a place on this site that is indexed by search engines and preferably on a popular page (with a good PageRank).
  • The link must be contextualized to appear natural to search engines.
  • With an optimized link anchor.

Beware of the Penguin

One of Google's latest algorithm updates, called Penguin (which took place on April 25, 2012 in France) further highlights the need to implement a clean netlinking strategy. Indeed, one of the main measures of Google Penguin is to downgrade websites for which the backlinks do not seem natural.

As you will have understood, to get through the cracks you must therefore create a link that appears as natural as possible, this mainly involves:

  • Vary its link anchors (terms, sizes, anchors corresponding to keywords or not, etc.).
  • Vary referring sites.
  • No longer make links from directories and low quality press release sites (sites that have themselves been downgraded by Google).
  • Create hyper-contextualized links that are part of the same semantic context.
  • Make the link regularly and not by mass.
  • Create unique and quality content to try to promote linkbait: creation of backlinks by the natural relay of quality and informative articles by bloggers, social networks, etc. Even if it is true that the linkbait works especially for sites that already have a strong influence, creating quality content can only be favorable to you: optimized natural referencing, reduction in the bounce rate, loyalty of the Internet user, image positive brand...

Seek to do triangular link exchange.

Always to make links appearing as natural, it is necessary to seek the exchange of triangular link rather than direct.

The traditional link exchange

I link Paul's site to my own site and he does the same to his. In this case Google can easily detect that there is an exchange of links, because A redirects to B and vice versa. Thus this exchange will perhaps have only a weak weight.

The triangle link exchange

You're in luck Paul has two sites in a theme close to yours! Then you can do a triangular link exchange. In this case, as you will have understood, Google will have much more difficulty in detecting that there has been an exchange of links. So this exchange should have much more weight than in the previous case.

To conclude

The link exchange requires constant effort, a lot of time and a long-term strategy, but netlinking remains undoubtedly one of the best and essential SEO techniques. So, 3… 2… 1: link!

Why use a netlinking platform?

When you have a business that has a website, whether to sell products or simply to highlight the services we offer, it is important to rank well in search engine results. Internet users rarely go beyond the first page when they search on Google, and it is therefore essential to appear as high as possible to generate traffic on its website. A netlinking platform like nextlevel will allow your site to be mentioned on other web pages, and thus make it more reliable and credible with search engine algorithms.

By going through the platform mentioned above, you will be able to buy links on urls already positioned in search engines. Thus, there will only be an addition of paragraphs on pages corresponding to your theme, your products or your services, with a link leading to your web page. This will allow you to quickly gain visibility, and you will have a much better chance of improving your turnover. The more web pages mention your site, the more it will be recognized by search engines like Google and it will therefore always go up in the search results. To find the page that corresponds to your website, you can do a keyword search.

How does the platform work?

Once you have registered on the NextLevel platform, the suite will be very easy to use. You will start by doing your search for pages dealing with your theme using a keyword corresponding to your website. You can also search by url, page or theme. If you have the necessary funds on the site, you will then see the url of the pages dealing with the same theme as your site displayed, and you will have the choice between all these pages to display your link in it. Some are better positioned than others in Google, which explains the price differences between each url.

Once you have chosen the page, all you have to do is indicate the link you want to promote, add an anchor that you want to appear in the text, and you can also add indications to send to the editor. As soon as the link is sold, it will no longer be available for sale. But don't worry, there will always be urls that will appear over time on the subject of your theme and you will never run out of pages. In addition, the platform has partners who offer their pages in exchange for additional income and with this win-win principle, there is no shortage of urls with the right keywords.

How many words in an added text?

When you order an article with a link on this netlinking platform, the base word count will be 200. The editors will therefore take care of adding 200 words related to your theme and that of the page, while mentioning your link. If you do not want your site to be directly quoted, or conversely, that it be strongly highlighted, you can perfectly indicate this in your brief. It will also be possible to request the writing of additional words from the platform. It is possible to go up to a maximum of 700 words. Search engines like Google appreciate advanced content and will make your site stand out even more.

If you are launching a website, netlinking is an ideal technique to allow you to quickly put your site forward. This will often turn out to be essential to easily generate profits. Think of other tips such as natural referencing or paid referencing if you want your site to be highlighted more easily by Google. Paid referencing will however be a temporary solution, while netlinking allows your site to gain credibility and reliability over the long term. It is therefore a solution that may prove to be the most profitable for your site, and if it loses in the search rankings, you can always request new articles.

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