How to pay less for your box and mobile plans
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How to pay less for your box and mobile plans 

Between sudden price increases, high prices, default options that raise the monthly bill, the French often pay too much for their subscriptions. According to a survey, French households spend around 100 euros per month on telecommunications. However, there are tips to pay much less. This is what we share with you in this article.

Play competition between operators

To pay less for your box and mobile plans, you have the choice between various advantageous solutions. First of all, remember to take stock of your real telecommunications needs. This process will allow you to know which services to favor.

In general, box packages make it possible to receive audiovisual services. Note that some offers offer fixed telephony in addition to basic services. With this option, you can make calls from a landline to landlines and / or mobiles in France and sometimes even internationally. Depending on your needs, you can opt for:

  • a 3P or Triple play offer (internet, telephony and TV);
  • a 2P or Double Play offer (internet and telephony or internet and television);
  • a 1P or Single Play offer (internet only, without TV or telephone).

Whatever offer you are looking for, you will inevitably find operators ready to offer you its services. They often charge attractive prices to attract customers. In recent years, the French market for box and mobile subscriptions has been increasingly competitive. When choosing a subscription, you will be spoiled for choice from a wide variety of offers. This is your opportunity to play the competition to retain what suits you.

Take advantage of promotional offers 

If the comparison of offers often helps to make a good choice, promotions remain the best way to pay less for your box and mobile subscriptions. As you can see from the different comparators, the cheapest internet box is priced at just € 14,99 per month! And there are currently many promotional offers to reduce your telecom bill. Very often, promotions launched by operators show low prices that apply for about 12 months before reverting to the normal rate. In addition to the reduction in the usual monthly price, some promotions offer additional services, especially TV packages.

On the occasion of Black Friday and the end of the year celebrations, mobile and internet operators are lowering their prices to the delight of their subscribers. During these times, they often have attractive offers visible on the front pages of their websites. While some of these promotional offers are particularly interesting, others hide unpleasant surprises. It is for this reason that it is advisable to carefully study the subscription contract to avoid possible overbilling in the long run. Also, be sure to check out the services included in the promotional offers. Indeed, some operators offer promotional packs that unfortunately do not contain certain essential services. It will then be necessary to pay a few additional euros to take advantage of these missing services.

If you have any doubts about a promotional offer, do not hesitate to contact your operator's customer service department for relevant information. This approach will allow you, for example, to obtain attractive discounts on your box and mobile plan, especially if you have already identified competitors who offer the same services you are looking for for the same or lower price. Depending on the case, you can also bet on special offers for new subscribers to pay less for your subscription. Note that most operators offer a customer loyalty program. Take the opportunity to reduce your telecommunications expenses.

Call your operator to renegotiate your contract and therefore the price down

Many people still ignore it. But, it is quite possible to renegotiate your subscription contract. This is also a frequent practice in France. Indeed, we sometimes see an increase in the prices of the services, which increases subscribers' bills.  

The increase in the cost of box and internet packages can have various origins. This situation can be justified by the addition of new options, the expiration of a promotional offer or the increase in the price of a package. Whatever the reason, it is possible to renegotiate your subscriptions in order to pay less. To do this, start by reviewing the provisions of the law.

Asserting your right as a consumer

According to article L121-84 OF the Consumer Code, operators have the obligation to inform their subscribers in writing of the price increase at least one month before the entry into force of this modification. If not, you have the right to refuse to pay the supplement. Note that the same right is applicable when options have been added to your usual package without your consent. This is indeed a violation of the terms of the contract on the part of the operator. In this case, you have the right to request the removal of the additional options and to demand the immediate reimbursement of the additional sums which have been withdrawn from you.

In France, each operator offers various subscription formulas, the prices of which change rapidly over time. Fortunately, it is possible to renegotiate in order to pay less. If you do not succeed despite all your attempts, consider changing the operator.

To change providers, you are likely going to have to pay a contract termination fee. In this case, it is usually the new operator who bears these costs. Note, however, that it is possible to negotiate to pay nothing. Everything will depend on the termination conditions and the steps taken.

Delegate the management of your subscriptions to companies specializing in savings

In recent years, the number of box and mobile plans offered to French people has been steadily increasing. It becomes therefore to find oneself among this multitude of offers. Between buying a smartphone, choosing the operator and the subscription, communicating with loved ones can be quite expensive. Fortunately, it is possible to save money by going through specialized companies such as Mezabo, Bemove or Ideel. By delegating the management of your subscriptions to a qualified professional, you increase the chances of paying less.

On the web, you will find various comparators that help guide the choice of your operator and your subscriptions. It usually only takes a few clicks to compare a lot of offers to find the right one for you. Note that these platforms provide reliable information on internet and mobile providers. With interactive maps and coverage tests, it becomes easy to know the best deals to make the best choice.

For more peace of mind, you can perform quick tests to find out the speed of your internet box. From your telephone line number or your address, you know exactly whether your home is eligible for ADSL, cable or fiber optics. So you know the speeds you can expect, even before you subscribe. Note that it is also possible to access a detailed list of suppliers present in your region and compare their offers to retain the best one.

For many years, we have seen a drop in the price of box and mobile plans. Take advantage of this favorable context to save money on your subscription by playing on the competition, renegotiating your package or delegating management to a company specializing in the field.

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