How to launch a Google Ads campaign with a digital agency
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How to launch a Google Ads campaign with a digital agency?

Faced with competition, it is essential to find the right strategy to ensure the visibility of your website and your products on search engines. Also, set up a Google Ads campaign is one of the recommended ways to achieve this. However, this operation can be entrusted to a web agency to ensure the effectiveness of its advertising campaign and obtain an excellent return on investment.

What is a Google Ads campaign?

Paid referencing, or SEA, consists of “buying” visibility. By buying keywords associated with searches that concern a specific field of activity, the website will be highlighted on search engines. This SEO strategy is activated via the Google Ads tool.

Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, is a paid search platform developed by Google. It contributes to the promotion of a website, products and services by ensuring the visibility of their advertisements on search engines. The operating principle of Google AdWords is based on a keyword auction system. Google Ads automatically sets bids with the goal of generating maximum conversions based on cost per click. In short, the advertiser pays for each voluntary view and each click on display ads.
To go into more detail, you must define the maximum price of the ad. For example, if the maximum bid is set at $4 and Google determines that the cost per click is set at $2, the placement is awarded. However, if Google determines the CPC to be €5, the location is denied to you. It is also possible to define a maximum daily budget for the ad so as not to explode its costs! Thus, the maximum budget allocated for your advertising campaign will never be exceeded.

These advertisements come in the form of optimized texts. They appear on the SERP (in other words, the results page of a search engine) when Internet users enter keywords on the search tab. Thus, the advertisement appears on the first page of the results as a sponsored link. Indeed, these advertisements have specific placements. The most relevant according to Google are above the first naturally referenced sites.

Why work with a digital agency?

Accompaniment by an agency made up of knowledgeable and equipped professionals has many advantages. The digital agency will be able to carry out your Google Ads campaign. Thus, these digital experts do not just improve the SEO of advertisements and announcements. They also report on their progress. Of course, they tell you the most reliable strategies to rank well on Google. A digital agency will therefore help you choose your Google Ads campaign. Indeed, it is necessary to take into account several parameters to choose it correctly. For example, it is imperative to define what the objective of the campaign is. A few non-exhaustive objectives can be listed below:

  • Generate sales
  • Attract leads
  • Attract traffic to the website
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Attract visitors to a physical store

For each campaign, there is a configuration and specific best practices that must be fully mastered to ensure success. Also, setting up an Ads campaign and the workings of this SEO strategy require real expertise. By entrusting it to a digital agency, you will be sure to obtain a high level of quality regarding the performance of your campaigns. Thanks to these experts, you will benefit from a campaign creation that stands out from the competition. However, it should be remembered that its purpose is to promote the visibility of ads and advertisements on the search engine. Nowadays, Internet users are inundated with ads, so it is important to entrust your SEO strategy to a specialized agency. Additionally, a campaign's optimization strategy may vary from campaign to campaign. It is therefore necessary to understand and master the rules to follow to guarantee the optimal visibility of your ads on Google.

Go further with your SEO

A digital agency will surely offer you complementary solutions to your Google Ads strategy. Indeed, it is very interesting to couple paid referencing with natural referencing to maximize your overall web visibility strategy.

SEA provides immediate visibility. Nevertheless, you have to invest a dedicated budget (sometimes very substantial!) and participate in auctions to have a good position in sponsored ads. Indeed, paid referencing implies that the advertiser “buys” his space and as soon as the campaign stops, the ads disappear and the site becomes invisible again. Unless the customers who have known the site thanks to the advertisements have been able to retain their loyalty.

With SEO, the immediate costs are lower but it is a tedious job that requires skills in writing optimized content. In addition, natural referencing makes it possible to perpetuate its good positions on search engines. All in all, the combination of SEO and SEA improves the results of Google Ads campaigns. Thus, an optimized site, quality content and updated information allow the good indexing of the pages of the site by the search engines. Also, these actions will boost your Google Ads campaigns and produce better results. SEO can therefore really improve the performance of your SEA campaigns in a dazzling way. In addition, many studies indicate that Internet users prefer natural results on a search page. It is therefore important to bet on the work attracting organic traffic. However, keep in mind that to appear naturally on search engines takes at least 6 months, so in the meantime, SEA can take over.

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