How to have the "Edit" button on Twitter?
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How to have the "Edit" button on Twitter?

Twitter is one of the social networking platforms used and appreciated by Internet users around the world, particularly in France, the United States, and other countries. Did you notice it? Twitter is the most used social network. Created in 2006, Twitter, beyond its status as a social network, is also a professional platform. Twitter is on the one hand, the social network that allows its users to stay in touch with various people and on the other hand, allows brands and celebrities to set up an advertising campaign. For the satisfaction of its users, the social network Twitter has designed a new option to stand out more from the competition: the "Edit" button.

This new option from Twitter consists of modifying tweets already published on the platform, provided that it has only been published for 30 minutes. Twitter offers users 5 edits to a single tweet while still meeting the 30-minute time limit. However, this new option of Twitter is only accessible for certain users.


TwitterBlue is a monthly subscription allowing active users to access various premium features for switching their Twitter accounts. Ad-Free Article is one such feature of Twitter Blue. It uses various technologies and cookies to improve the experience of users and subscribers of the network. To benefit from these various features, the user must be connected to his Twitter account in Twitter Blue subscription. Please note that the Articles without Ads feature is only available to Twitter users based in the United States.

Purchasing a Twitter Blue subscription can be made via multiple applications whose payment is made on Stripe. Once the subscription on Twitter is made, the user will be able to take advantage of the services offered in Twitter Blue on all the platforms on which his account is connected. In other words, si the user has several active Twitter accounts, the subscription will only take effect on the account where the Twitter Blue subscription was made to receive all the benefits. As a reminder, the Twitter Blue service is only accessible in 4 countries including:

  • Australia;
  • Canada ;
  • The USA ;
  • New Zealand.

The price of the monthly subscription of the Twitter Blue service is approximately 5 dollars. Note that the subscription prices on Twitter Blue are fixed according to the region. When signing up for Twitter Blue, the user will be informed of the price of the subscription with the regional currency displayed. Indeed, Twitter Blue has just offered its users the means to edit their tweets within 30 minutes of posting.

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Twitter: edit tweets button

We must remember that the edit tweet button has been the most requested feature from Twitter users for several years. This year, Twitter finally grants the wishes of Internet users. However, the edit tweets button is only available for users of the Twitter Blue service, a paid version of the Twitter social network, whether for Android; for IOS or on the internet. This version of Twitter is only eligible in 4 well-defined countries such as New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the United States. The Twitter company has not yet revealed whether the content editing button will remain exclusively on the Twitter Blue subscription or will extend to all users of the social network. In July, the company raised the subscription price of Twitter Blue and its users all criticized it.

For the happiness of the users of the service of Twitter Blue, the company added the tool of modification of tweets.

Using the "edit" button will allow users of the social network to modify the content of their tweets. It is important to know that only tweets published within 30 minutes can be edited. Effectively, edited tweets will be displayed with a tag that includes a timestamp of the edit. Readers of the tweet will be able to tap on the label and view the edit history.

Reasons Why Twitter Added the Edit Button

Users of the Twitter social network have repeatedly requested the addition of a button that allows editing of tweets after publication. Indeed, users have always wanted to have access to their post in case there are typos, the automatic correction of their keyboard creeps into their tweets… A reality that sometimes turns out to be embarrassing.

As a result, Elon Musk, recently promoted to be one of the administrators of the company Twitter Board, was in favor of adding an "Edit" button to Twitter, as were many users. Since April, Elon Musk has launched a poll on Twitter asking users to vote (for or against) on the addition of a tweet edit button. Tweet after retweet, in particular with the participation of the CEO of Twitter, the opinion of Internet users focused on a " for” on the addition of a tweet edit button on the platform (almost) unanimously. Hence the reason for this new Twitter feature.

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