How to develop your online presence?
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How to develop your online presence?

Developing your online presence is a major challenge in the age of e-commerce. Whether you are already an online entrepreneur or want to create a website, you must master the trends of the moment and have all the keys to succeed in making yourself known. Find in this article a list of tips to help you develop your online presence.

Take care of the quality of the content of your site

When it comes to the content of a website, it refers to both the editorial part and the visual part. Whatever its target or its objective, a website must house quality editorial content: the credibility of a brand is also played on the writing. A product sheet riddled with mistakes will tend to make consumers suspicious because they may perceive a lack of seriousness. Above all, remember one thing: the better your content, the better it will be referenced.

The same goes for the visual aspect. A poorly thought out interface can quickly be likened to amateurism. The design and architecture of a website must be entrusted to someone competent. The choice of colors also remains decisive because a bad combination can create an incoherent whole which will have negative consequences on your content. Never neglect these aspects and you will be pleasantly surprised to see an increase in traffic to your website by improving the quality of its interface.

Know how to understand social networks

Social media management is a big part of e-commerce work. Impossible for a brand to exist online without a strong presence on social networks. Two types of advice can emerge: either you have to be excessively present and bet on all possible platforms by accumulating accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, etc. Either you have to choose a certain number of platforms according to your objectives and try to establish yourself with suitable content. For example, Facebook does not target the same age group as Instagram or Snapchat, and Twitter is more focused than the others on immediacy and communication.

This choice is based on your strategy: reaching as many people as possible and showing its activity (flooding the web with your presence) or targeting by determining targets and social networks (being in the right place at the right time).

Be active online

To pick up on the previous part, here's an extra tip: you have to exist online. This requires several good practices. Already, respond systematically when your company page is requested by a user: thank you when you receive a positive comment or justify the why and how when you are targeted negatively by a customer or a malicious individual. In summary, you must always take care of your e-reputation.

In addition, post or re-post articles that you want to highlight or indicate that you are participating in events (online or face-to-face) to show what your interests are. You need to create a universe and get customers to know you and be used to your online presence.

Do email marketing

Indispensable tool for e-commerce, the marketing mailing must reinforce your presence. This allows you to gain notoriety and forge an image of action, in the sense that by communicating regularly to your targets, you show your dynamism. The mailing touches directly, so it has a strength of proximity. Then, you have to choose how often you want to use this strategy: through a newsletter monthly or during one-off launches? In the latter case, you will have to be more active over a given period. In the first case, you must ensure impeccable writing and find new angles to approach each month.

To be successful in your emailing campaign, it is important to successfully collect emails legally, that is to say in accordance with the GDPR, the regulation that governs the personal data of consumers in Europe.

Know the SEO tricks

SEO is the basis of the success of a website. Keywords are of paramount importance to attract traffic to your page and thus succeed in selling your products or developing your brand. For successful referencing, it is essential to surround yourself with professionals or read quality advice.

Establish a Google my Business profile

This Google tool is sometimes too overlooked by entrepreneurs. It is however very effective to become famous. On this profile, it is possible to add images and information that can praise the quality of your company. It is also added to Google Maps, which will further enhance your visibility.

As you will have understood, developing your online presence is not based on very difficult tricks. The advice you have just read comes together on several points: you need to be convinced, efficient and diligent in your working methods. The key to a good online presence is based on the quality of your upstream work: nothing should be left to chance!

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