How to create AI images with DALL-E?
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How to create AI images with DALL-E?

With the evolution of technology, digital art is booming especially in the field of the web. Artificial intelligence is also undergoing a great evolution, which greatly facilitates the practice of art in the virtual world. To this end, the OpenAI company has designed Dall-E to facilitate user design and artistic expression through image generation based on textual descriptions. Also, how do you use Dall-E digital technology?

The DALL-E system: what is it?

Dall-E is a digital technology or AI software designed by OpenAI, a digital technology specialist whose team is made up of former Tesla, SpaceX and Google Brain developers. The purpose of creating this tool is to use human-written descriptions and texts to generate images.

In 2021, when the Dall-E system was released, which was presented by the OpenAI company, the results obtained by the AI ​​software are quite random, hence a doubt about the latter's capacity. However, with the arrival of the latest version of artificial intelligence, Dall-E 2, the generated images have become more realistic and the accuracy of the results is quite impressive since the resolution is 4 times better than the old one.

The goal of the OpenAI company with the creation of the Dall-E system

The OpenAI company shared with the general public via its website the objective of the design of the Dall-E software. This tool was created to allow digital art specialist subscribers to freely express their creativity. The arrival of the latest version of Dall-E allows the company to better understand the mode of operation of the AI ​​system, in turn trying to understand the functioning and logic of our world. This is essential for OpenAI to facilitate their study regarding the design of artificial intelligence to help humanity.

The ability of Dall-E artificial intelligence

With the arrival of the Dall-E 2 image generator, the tool is able to generate images and digital artworks from written text including precise descriptions about the image users want to have. Therefore, we can say that the tool can perfect the generation of all types:

  • Digital images that look like hand-painted;
  • Images made with people or characters that do not actually exist;
  • Landscapes that we imagine could exist;
  • And many others.

Besides creating images using written text, Dalle-E digital technology is also able to:

  • Perfect the design of several source image variations based on the original;
  • Modify an existing image in depth (textures, shadows, etc.);
  • Edit an existing image through the use of digital technology text box.

use of DALL E 2

Dall-E Artificial Intelligence Generated Image Rights

Dall-E digital technology is not comparable to websites that offer royalty-free images. The fact is that the Open AI company left all the rights of use of the generated images to the users. In other words, they can use the images for video editing, for storyboards, and can even sell them on the web.

The limits of Dall-E artificial intelligence

The Dall-E image generator tool has, like any man-made artificial intelligence, operating limitations. Indeed, the AI ​​software can only create images that it has already seen and therefore cannot interpret words in the event that the context is unknown to it. At the same time, thehe company OpenAI has intentionally limited the ability of AI software to generate or create images that convey hatred, violence, etc. Also, the tool's development team has deleted all data relating to this type of content. Generating faces of real people is also impossible with Dall-E. Access to this AI software is thus limited by OpenAI to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

How to use Dall-E artificial intelligence

To get started using Dall-E artificial intelligence, you must go to the official OpenAI website dedicated to AI software. To access the functionality offered by the AI, registration is required with an email address. A text box will then appear where you can write the text you want to transform into an image. Then press "generate" and wait. Dall-E will generate the image from the descriptions you recently wrote.

With the Dall-E image generator software, the user can give precise indications on the drawing he is looking for or on the style of image he wants to use. The artificial intelligence even offers the possibility to select the type of digital painting that the user wants to use.

The use of the Dall-E image generator has been simplified by OpenAI so that everyone can use it optimally via the text box. Thus, you will be able to express your art using this tool.

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