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How to choose your connected watch?

Having landed in the daily life of technophiles for a few years, the connected watch is now becoming a very popular trendy accessory. In addition, having become an extension of the mobile phone, it has more power and performance. But how do you choose your connected watch?

What is a connected watch?

Given the security context of the current era, technology is constantly evolving to offer technophiles the opportunity to benefit from it every day in complete discretion. Thanks to cell phones and smartphones, communication has become easier.

And now, it's time for discreet and more advanced equipment to better communicate anywhere and anytime. The connected watch has earned its place in everyday life to ensure communication with total discretion at all times for users. And what is a connected watch?

A connected watch is a practical and functional tool for heavy cell phone users. It is equipped with a built-in microphone and speakers. Its use is to receive all notifications directly on the watch.

In this case, calls and text messages can be received without having to take out your phone. It is the same for taking pictures and the Android and Iphone applications.

Depending on the connected watch models, it is possible to benefit from other practical features, to name only health monitoring during physical activities.

This consists of calculating the number of steps, the speed of a run and the distance covered, the heart rate, or the number of calories burned. It is a real technical assistant in daily training exercises.

Characteristics of a connected watch

Looking at first glance like a classic watch, the connected watch offers more than the time and date. Associated with a smartphone, it integrates the basic applications of the latter, and allows the user to receive all notifications from his phone (calls, messages and emails).

All the data and applications of the smartphone are accessible via the smart watch, and there is no longer any question of taking it out to use it. Equipped with a led screen with buttons or touch screen, this technological tool offers the possibility of using the same applications as those of a smartphone.

The connected watch is a smart accessory that extends a smartphone so that the user can communicate without having to take their phone out of their pocket or bag. It has a large enough storage space to allow it to fulfill its functions of hi-tech jewel.

The different types of connected watches

The autonomous connected watch

Practical and efficient, the stand-alone watch is one that can embed a SIM card, so as not to depend on the connection with a smartphone.

The hybrid connected watch

This is a connected watch associated with the smartphone via Bluetooth. It allows access to social media accounts, emails, Google calendars, as well as the heart rate monitor.

The connected sports watch

The connected sports watch is the perfect tool for monitoring the fitness of a real athlete. Specific applications integrate these models, among others, monitoring heart rate, distance, number of steps, and calories burned.

Features, advantages, disadvantages

Device worn on the wrist, the smart watch guarantees its user instant reception of all notifications from their smartphone, and better yet, respond to them as needed. In the same way, the applications are accessible, with certain data from the smartphone.

Some current models are autonomous, and have a SIM card, to allow this technological gem to provide all the functions of a smartphone during sports sessions or important meetings, where it is necessary to be discreet.

The first advantage of a connected watch lies in its discretion. Casually, the watch allows communication, resulting in less risk of theft and more user safety. A practical tool, this smart watch makes it possible to avoid taking out your latest smartphone in plain view while benefiting from its performance.

In the middle of the street, during sports sessions, or in public transport, life goes on and communication too. Hanging on the wrist, there is little risk of losing it or losing it.

Usually equipped with a GPS, the connected watch is the ideal ally for travelers. Thanks to this feature, users are no longer afraid of getting lost and the journey to a still unknown place becomes easier. It is possible to trace its route by means of the GPS.

A daily companion, the connected watch accompanies its user everywhere. In the rain or in the swimming pool, it resists strongly to give it the opportunity to remain reachable and accessible at all times.

Sealing is a great asset for this technological tool. However, it should be remembered that this tightness is still limited. Tap water, swimming pool water and rain water do not scare the smartwatch, but it is quickly destroyed in sea water, on contact with salt water.

Different brands and authenticity

If Seiko and Casio are the pioneers in the manufacture of connected watches, Apple and Samsung are certainly the most famous manufacturers. Apple Watch, GalaxyWatch and Samsung Gear are the most popular on the market. But since then, many brands have joined the ranks to name only Xiaomi, Garmin and Huawei. Each brand has its own specificity and characteristics, and each user chooses their smartwatch according to their expectations and design.

The criteria for choosing a connected watch

The choice of a connected watch varies depending on the use. Since this is a technological device, the configuration changes depending on the manufacturer, hence the definition of the criteria for use for a judicious choice.


Like any electronic device, the autonomy of a connected watch varies according to the power and capacity of the battery. It also depends on the technology of the screen. That said, autonomy changes depending on the model and the manufacturer.

In any case, it is always preferable to opt for a connected watch with more efficient autonomy, so as not to have to recharge it on a daily basis.

Other parameters come into play for battery life. These include, among other things, the size of the screen, its display, the energy used, as well as the various applications running and the software used.

For the same battery power, the autonomy can be several days for a model, to name only the Pebble Steel. As for models such as Apple Watch, it requires daily recharging to be efficient.

4G technology option

The presence of the 4G mobile network connection is a feature that makes the connected watch more convenient. Consequently, a connected watch incorporating 4G allows you to stay in permanent contact with your interlocutors.

It is possible to make and receive phone calls, but also notifications sent from the smartphone or iPhone.

Messages, social networks remain accessible at all times, even if the mother device is not nearby. This results from the fact that a virtual SIM card associated with the subscription to the source equipment is present in the watch.

This option is available for the most powerful devices, among others, Apple Watch, or Galaxy Watch, and again, provided that the devices are compatible. A subscription to this multi-SIM option is necessary to be able to access this operation.

The GPS option

The GPS option is known for navigation, but it is also used differently on the connected watch. The presence of a GPS chip allows the user to record his performance during sports activities (number of distance traveled, speed of running or cycling outdoors). The only problem lies in the fact that by using GPS, the battery is also very strained, hence its reduced autonomy.

Other features for sports use

Another feature that can help athletes when using a smartwatch is the heart rate monitor. It consists of taking the pulse and measuring cardiac activity, during and after a physical exercise session, and during the recovery session after exercise.

On the other hand, the ECG function is suitable for Apple Series 4, as well as Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Withings Move ECG. The Electrocardiogram feature is used for monitoring the heart throughout the day.

In the event of an anomaly, a notification warns the user. Obviously, this functionality can in no way replace a physical medical examination. As soon as an abnormality is found, it is important to consult the attending physician.

Equipment tightness

The water resistance of a connected watch is an undeniable advantage for this type of equipment. Most devices are waterproof, but you must take care to remove them when swimming in the open sea. If smartwatches are resistant to chlorine in swimming pools, sea salt is harmful to them.

The charging mode of the connected watch

By now, the reloading time with a dedicated charger is over. Admittedly, many models are still equipped with this kind of charger. However, many newer and more efficient models have already adapted to the new reloading mode.

Wireless charging consists of recharging its battery by putting the connected watch on the charging mat. Very convenient function, wireless charging is more and more frequent and more popular.


Before deciding on a particular model, the following factors should also be taken into account:

  • The operating system (OS)
  • The bluetooth version

You should know that smart or connected watches have been designed for a functionality with a specific operating system, Android or IOS. However, there are other models that are compatible with these two systems at the same time. This data is very useful for making a better choice in the event of indecision on the model of connected watch.

Regarding the compatibility with the Bluetooth version, this is also an important factor. Some models are exclusive, with compatibility only with a particular version. This case is valid for the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which is only compatible with recent versions of Bluetooth, available on the Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3 and other higher models.

This compatibility must be checked to ensure the compatibility of the product with the device operated by the user. This allows you to benefit from all the performance and capabilities of the product, as the features and capabilities of smart watches can only be activated with a good Bluetooth connection. The connection must be established between the microprocessor of the connected watch and the device to be linked (Android or iPhone).

In all cases, the operating system and the Bluetooth version must be compatible. This results from the fact that the smart watch turns out to be a sophisticated microcomputer that can remotely connect to a smartphone, iPhone, and even a tablet or laptop. In fact, the connected watch is a piece of equipment that is totally dependent on the presence of another third-party device.

However, it should be noted that technology has enabled manufacturers to better exploit their know-how and to come out with autonomous models. This is the example of the Samsung Gear S, in which it is possible to insert a SIM card. In this case, this type of device is perfectly independent, and usable like a real telephone. Given its performance, and since it is a branded product, the cost is also significant.

The design of the connected watch to take into account

Among the important criteria is also the design of the connected watch, whatever the brand. Of course, you have to choose according to taste, since there are many models with designs that are always more attractive than each other. This criterion, in this case the design, is a decisive element in the choice.

It is no longer a question of choosing the old models that look like geek watches. Especially since manufacturers have already improved their product, hence the optimized design of connected watches. Models with a more sober design, more refined lines, and more assertive styles are present on the market.

Do not confuse connected watch and connected bracelet

A connected bracelet is worn around the wrist just like a connected watch, but it does not have the same functions. For example, connected bracelets very rarely have screens. To find out more on the subject: differences between connected watch and connected bracelet.


The choice of your connected watch must be carefully considered. It is a device that must be practical, versatile and functional at the same time. In this context, the functionalities must meet the real expectations of the user. The latter is the only one who can determine his real needs, allowing him to better choose the appropriate model.

As part of the criteria, battery life, screen size and technology, water resistance and design are also to be taken into account before deciding to buy a particular product. Otherwise, the supported applications, available software and the operating system should not be underestimated.

Smartwatches are certainly accessories that can facilitate everyday communication, but since it takes up a huge place in our life, it must be taken into account before purchasing. They prove to be a great support in the management of personal and even professional data. Major manufacturers' brands, such as Samsung, are among those who have not disappointed buyers.

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