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Host your website: all you need to know

Today, creating and hosting a website is accessible to everyone. It is an easy process and does not require a large budget as long as all the steps are taken carefully.

Web hosting offers the possibility to companies as to individuals to publish a site on the Internet, that is to say accessible on the World Wide Web (WWW). To ensure its online presence, there are two possibilities: host the website using a service provider or on its own server.

What is web hosting?

A web host is represented by a company that offers the rental of web servers permanently connected to the Internet in order to store the sites. Hosting allows web users to have access to your files to view your site. Large firms like Facebook, IBM, and Amazon have their own servers and administer them themselves.

You can make a monthly subscription and take advantage of the services offered by the supplier in terms of equipment and infrastructure. There is a procedure to follow before starting:

  • Depending on the nature of the project, choose the accommodation offer
  • Select your web host
  • Buy a domain name

Web hosting and data center: what are the differences?

The server that hosts your website is often referred to as web hosting. Instead, a data center refers to the place where the servers themselves are stored.

A data center is generally a large space that is equipped with:

  • A source of electrical energy
  • A powerful connection for data communication
  • An optimal environment with air conditioning
  • A firewall
  • Safety devices

Hosting server models

There are different models of web hosting services. You have to understand the need for your website in order to subscribe to a service.

That is, the type of server you need after estimating your budget and studying the host's offers.

Dedicated hosting

For this type of hosting, you have access to the entire web server. In terms of performance, it's very fast since the resources are not shared. If you need a site with high system resource requirements, this is ideal. In addition, dedicated hosting guarantees you excellent protection. In this case, you pay the costs for the operation of the server yourself.

Shared Hosting

The principle of shared hosting is that the server is divided between several website owners. Everything is in common: the hardware server and the software installed on it. This type of accommodation does not require a large budget since the costs are shared between the different owners. Except that sometimes you can end up with a problem of slowness since the demand on the server is high.

Co-located hosting

If you adopt a co-located hosting environment, you will have a dedicated server and you let a web host do it. However, you will be fully responsible for the server and you will have full control over it. You will be able to install all the software and programs you want on your server.

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