GTA 6 Trailer Released Early by Rockstar, Vice City Return Confirmed
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GTA 6 Trailer Released Early by Rockstar, Vice City Return Confirmed

Rockstar has released the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer ahead of schedule, after an online leak spoiled the planned debut.

The official trailer was released on Monday evening after 23pm UK time, just 15 hours ahead of the scheduled release at 14pm UK time on Tuesday 5 December.

“Our Trailer Leaked, So Watch the Real Thing on YouTube,” Rockstar tweeted Monday evening.

The leaked version of the trailer was low-res and largely obscured by a take on a cryptocurrency, so Rockstar acted quickly to get the full-resolution, full-screen version into the hands of fans of the franchise to preserve the experience for those who had avoided it. the escape.

Above is the first official artwork. Below is the first official trailer released by Rockstar this evening.

We learned that the game will arrive in 2025 and that the setting of GTA 6, as speculated, will be Vice City – the fictional location based on Miami and Miami Beach. He last appeared in the fourth major installment of the game released in 2002. While that game was set in the 1980s, GTA 6 will take place in present-day Vice City.

Speculation regarding a Bonnie & Clyde type love story as the main narrative driver also appears to be on the nose. The main characters are named Jason and Lucia and elements of the game's narrative appear to be experienced through a TikTok-like social media platform.

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“The only way for us to get through this is to stay together and be a team. Trust? » Lucia says to her lover as the trailer – set to Tom Petty's Love Is A Long Road – comes to an end.

Elsewhere, we have police arrests, purple skies, twerking on car roofs, strip clubs, lots of reckless driving, and convenience store holdups.

There's the glamor of the Vice City skyline and many places that those familiar with Miami would recognize. There's the interpretation of the South Beach Strip, the Wynwood Arts District. Oh, and lots of typical Florida twists, like alligators fished out of swimming pools and guys mowing lawns in flip-flops. GTA is back, y’all.

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