Google Shopping: the Chat function on the results
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Google Shopping: the Chat function on the results

To stand out from the competition and improve the visibility of an e-commerce site on the Web, entrepreneurs resort to the use of Google Shopping. This online service has multiple features that allow you to find e-commerce sites and then compare their prices. That is why, Google Shopping, or Google Product of its former name, must be part of any marketing plan to attract more traffic to a E-commerce site and consequently stimulate the sale of the products.

On Google Shopping platform, ad management makes it possible to reach specific customers and easily distinguish prospects who are already interested in the products offered for sale. A technique that allows online merchants to perfect their campaign plan while using a powerful marketing strategy. Unlike Ads campaigns that rely on web content and URL links to drive product sales, Google Shopping works differently thanks to the functionalities of the Chat to guarantee the relevance of the results requested by Internet users.

Effects of Google Shopping on an e-commerce page

Establishing a marketing strategy to further optimize the flow of traffic is imperative for any entrepreneur who has an e-commerce page. Knowing that Google Shopping is a search engine platform that serves the online shopping sector, its functionalities allow Internet users to find and then compare a wide range of products via the Google search engine.

When Internet users make their request on the engine, Google shows results for Shopping ads the most relevant related. For an e-commerce page, Google Shopping can influence:

  • Improved hearing;
  • Performance ads;
  • Simplified campaign management.

When an e-commerce page is linked with Google Shopping, Internet users will see all the ads, especially the most relevant ones relating to the products they are looking for, and with just one click. This marketing strategy thus makes it possible to improve the audience of their e-commerce site in the eyes of Internet users.. All information (photo, price, brand, etc.) regarding each product will be visible and filled in, because Google Shopping is designed to improve any online presence. Also, the use of this platform is ideal if you want to appear in the first search results on the Web.

Shopping ads perform better compared to Ads ads, according to users who have already experienced the services offered by the platform. Indeed, Google Shopping is a fast search engine that allows Internet users to easily find the products they are looking for., which is not the case with Google Ads. As a result, you will have the ability to easily target your target customers and sell your products.

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Regarding the process for using this tool, creating a feed of your products on Merchant Center is the longest step to complete. Indeed, you will have to fill in all the information concerning each of your products, in order to enrich your e-commerce page. To do this, you have at your disposal automated options to do it quickly. Know that, the more information you provide about your products on Merchant Center, the more your campaign will be able to reach the maximum number of Internet users and thus arouse their interest.t. It must be recognized that Google Shopping is a safer and easier alternative, unlike Google Ads which requires extensive keyword research to make your campaigns work.

Features of Chat on Google Shopping

On the Google service of your e-commerce page, you will have the possibility of acquiring Chat functionalities to improve the sale of your products. Know that the Chat is a service, even an application, which allows you to converse with your customers as well as the Internet users who visit your e-commerce site.

If the platform you are using does not have access to Chat functionalities, you must at all costs acquire this service via Jibe Mobile from Google.

Thanks to Google Shopping, start this application on your E-commerce site allows you to :

  • Send messages to your customers directly via your e-commerce site using a mobile data network or Wi-Fi;
  • Group your customers in a specialized chat room;
  • See users who are writing on your e-commerce site;
  • Send feedback to your customers (telling them that you have read their messages, for example);
  • Send photos of your products to your customers.

On the other hand, your customers must also activate the Chat features of their tool to be able to participate in the conversation. Finally, with Google Shopping, theCat app allows you to strengthen your customer relationship.

Thus, you have become aware of Google Shopping, a platform that displays all the most relevant ads in relation to your request. Know that Google Shopping has multiple features, including Chat on your e-commerce site,app available through Jibe Mobile from Google.

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