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Google single keyword queries: they're taking off again

Single-word search engine searches are on the rise again. While it was believed that the number of keywords typed by Internet users did not stop growing. Ah ah! Everything changes !

The share of single keyword queries jumped from total searches. This proportion rose from 20,3% in January 2009 to 27,2% in October 2011 among all search engine queries, according to the American firm Hitwise.

Until now, multi-word queries have been on the rise. This trend illustrated the growing phenomenon known as "The long tail". He saw the explosion of increasingly precise and specialized searches (niche queries).

A specialist and recognized consultant analyzed the phenomenon of returning queries to a single keyword and looked for the reasons for this relaunch.

Paul Burani, associate consultant at the search marketing agency Webliquid and regular contributor to the Search Engine Watch blog, mainly sees:

  1. the explosion of searches from mobile phones (almost a quarter of regulars search almost every day). It is more tempting to type extremely short queries on a mini screen or miniature keyboard.
  2. the growing laziness of Internet users who type in Google the name of the website they want to display so that they only have to click on the link that appears in the results (don't say you don't!)
  3. Google's ability to now locate a query as "pressing" relative to the geographic location from which it is typed.

The definitive explanation has not been found. But SEO rarely conceals it. Too many variables.

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