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Google could rewrite your titles too long

In search results, Google has so far cut titles that are too long. Now the engine will rewrite them itself!

In the future, Google reserves the right to rewrite the title of the pages it displays in search results.

Until then, the titles (tag ) that exceeded 150 characters were outright cut off from the search results display. Disfigured, in a way. Which can easily discourage clicking in some cases.

The engine will rewrite titles that are too long in the future, Matt Cutts announced on the official Google blog. " When a beacon is too long to be displayed in the results, we now have an algorithm (codename "tomwaits") to shorten it. The displayed title will be as relevant as the old one. »

To avoid “Find out more” type text everywhere, it will do this for the links it displays in the results.

These are two of the major changes in its operation that Google unveiled on June 7, 2012. The SEO editor has been warned: the war on vague, poorly calibrated content has been declared.

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