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GG Trad, Google Translate, Google Translate

Google Translate is an automatic translation service provided by the American giant Google. It is available in all web browsers on all computers. Google Translate is also available on mobiles (smartphones and tablets) This free service allows users to translate sentences and words into no less than 103 languages. That's all you need to know about GG Translate.

Google Translate, or GG Trad for short, is one of Google's most widely used free services today. This application can translate up to 100 million words in at least 103 languages ​​every day.

Google Translate is used by many companies around the world to communicate with their international customers. Some companies prefer to hire a professional translation company to translate their documents. This article will help you determine when GG trad is a good choice and when it's best for you to hire a professional translation service.

Google Translate
Google Translate

What is GG Trad (Google Translate)?

GG Translate is one of the most used Google services. Every day hundreds of millions of people use it. To access it on a computer, go to It is also available as an Android app to download from Google Play. It is also available in the App Store for Apple iPhone users.

GG Trad was created in April 2006 and launched in April 2006. It was initially intended to translate words and expressions between English and Arabic. It was launched on browsers in 2010, with Chrome being the most popular. It allows you to translate portions of text or entire pages. You can do this in the language of your choice.

Now both Android and iOS apps support audio translation using the device's microphone. Another feature of GG Trad 2015 is the ability to translate text into images using the smartphone camera.

How does GG Translate work?

Initially, Google Translate was a service that used a static system called the SMT. Before they could be transcribed, all translations had to be translated into the original language. It doesn't matter whether it's corporate collections or books.

The problem was that many translations were unclear and sometimes unintelligible. Google used an automated system that translated word for word without regard to grammar. Normal, artificial intelligence was not yet available.

Le neural system, a type of artificial intelligence, was introduced in 2016. It allows translations to be transcribed in the best possible way, taking into account the context in which they are requested. GG Trad provides a more efficient translation service and, above all, close to a faithful translation.

It would have been impossible to carry out this task if Google, as it had planned, had set up a human team to check the quality and understanding of each translation.

2018 saw the introduction of a new translation filter that allows for two versions of the same text. The user can thus choose the target of his request (male/female). GG Translate also displays a list of all languages, including Latin, Cyrillic, Asian languages, special characters and other dialects of Western or Eastern countries.

What other features does GG Trad offer?

GG Translate offers more than just a written translation. Google Translate allows you to translate foreign languages ​​in several ways. Headset translation, voice translation and image translation. Take, for example, the Pixel Buds. These Bluetooth headphones, which Google launched in 2017, lend themselves well to GG Translate.

They work like a translator and allow you to converse in a foreign language with another user. You can also transcribe the words of your interlocutor in the language of your choice. Google has created a major technological breakthrough that is only available for Pixel smartphones.

Google Translate has some features that may be unfamiliar to some users. These features are most often present in the mobile version of the application. Find out what the most popular features are today.

GG Trad
GG Trad

Some languages ​​can be stored offline

You can now download language translations to your phone. Click the menu icon to display a list of all available languages. You can simply download them. A single language usually takes 40-50MB.

This feature is extremely useful for people who travel a lot. Indeed, Google Maps can translate any street, avenue or building name into the desired language by downloading the desired language.

Sentences that save

Sometimes certain sentences need to be translated frequently. The best way to save these phrases is to use Google Translate's "Phrasebook" option. All translations are saved in a list which can be accessed by clicking on the “star” icon. Click on the “Phrasebook” icon and on the “menu” icon to access this book.

Type to translate

This is a very interesting feature. You can tap on any text to instantly translate it from the site or app. The translation will be done in the desired language. You need to enable this feature in the settings. You have to click on the menu icon, then go to "settings", then "type to translate".

Once this is done, you can activate it to turn it on. This feature allows you to translate Google Chrome mobile apps.

Manage GG Trad history

Almost all computers have web browser history. It can also be found on Google Translate. You can access all your translations using this method. It is possible to delete the file or create a backup copy of it, but privacy issues will prevent you from doing so. You can find this information both on the Google Translate website and in the app.

Translation of an image

You need to access Google Translate to translate an image with GG Translate. This feature requires that you have access to your smartphone's camera app. To translate the image, you need to point the camera sensor at the image text.

This is a practical and interesting option, especially if your destination is not in your native language. You can use it to translate a map, menu or product packaging in a supermarket, among other things.

Voice translation

Voice translation is perhaps the most popular feature. It is easy to use. To talk on a smartphone, just tap the microphone icon. In the browser, click the microphone icon to speak out loud.

GG trad: history of Google Translate

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, created Google Translate. He was born in Russia and is the 13th richest man in the world. Google Translate, a statistical machine translation service (TAS), was launched by the billionaire on April 28, 2006. The software was initially based on linguistic data from the European Parliament (EP) and the United Nations (SMT).

Before moving to faster technology, the SMT translated the requested texts into English and then translated them into the required language. This complicated process required many translations, and the system's grammar and accuracy were unsatisfactory.

In January 2010, Google launched the Android version of its Google Translate application. In February 2011, the IOS version was launched for Apple products. It was released in browser extensions such as Chrome in February 2010.

Google acquired Word Lens in May 2014 to improve the quality of voice and visual translation. GG trad now has the ability to scan text or images and instantly translate them into the desired language.

Google introduced neural machine translation in November 2016. Google Translation uses deep learning to translate entire sentences simultaneously and gives better accuracy.

What are the numbers to remember about Google Translate?

Amazing numbers

Here are some figures to give you an idea of ​​the importance of GG Translate in the world. There are over 500 million users worldwide, who use it for English, Arabic and Russian translations. GG Trad has an impressive daily average of 100 billion words and phrases.

Google also has a monopoly on the search engine market. Google Translate tracks trending topics that have reached a high level of translation according to current events.

GG Trad, like Wikipedia, also offers a contribution system which allows approximately 3,5 million users to improve translations. It's a great way for Google to improve its translation service over the years.

YouTube and GGTrad

YouTube is closely related to GG Translations as the primary language of the free video streaming site is English. YouTube videos can be difficult for many users to understand. Google Translate is there to help them. Google Translate will develop a feature to automatically translate video titles and descriptions.

YouTube users discovered this feature while it was still in the testing phase. They discovered that the new translation feature allows them to translate the title of videos into English as well as their native language. This is a welcome addition that will improve the user experience on YouTube.

YouTube videos often have subtitles. These subtitles are usually in English. In the near future, it is possible to see the features of GG Trad fully ported to YouTube. Content creators have new possibilities that will allow them to fully exploit the capabilities of both platforms.

Google Translate: Over a billion installs of GG Translate on PlayStore

Google Translate has been downloaded over a billion times on the Google Play Store. This app is one of the most useful and keeps getting better over the years. Its success is due to its regular updates and the addition of new features.

The offline translation mode is reserved for the GGTrad application. It allows you to download languages ​​to use them offline. This is ideal if you live in an area without internet access.

There are 108 languages ​​to choose from, real-time translation, and the highly recommended dark mode. GG Trad is an easy-to-use Swiss army knife, even when you're on vacation or on a business trip. Google Translate offers a 100% free service, which is a huge advantage over other tools.

What is Google Assistant's "interpreter mode"?

Google Assistant also benefits from the many improvements and features of GG Translate. It also has an interpreter mode. This mode has been available since 2019, and is accessible via the Hey Google command.

It is possible to ask Google Assistant to interpret greetings in Japanese or Russian. Google Assistant currently supports 27 languages. It's less than GG Trad, but it will be improved over time.

Google Home already supports bi-lingual setups, so there's no need to specify which language the phrase should be translated into. In some cases, however, speaking the phrase is enough for the assistant to recognize the second language. The interpreter mode supports 27 languages ​​and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

After some user testing, the system has some flaws. The assistant is slow to process certain data and does not understand certain words. This information would be provided instantly by a professional human interpreter. The performance of this mode is still precarious, despite the delicate situation in which people who communicate through robots find themselves.

The service is still in its infancy. "Interpreter mode" was initially only available on Google Home devices, including the Classic, Mini, and Hub. It is now available on many connected speakers as well as on smartphones, tablets and connected screens.

Get started with GG Translate

How to download and use Google Translate

Google Translate allows you to easily translate text written on the keyboard, handwritten on a photo, or with voice input. And in more than 100 languages. There are two options to achieve this. The first is to use the Google Translate app, available on iOS and Android. The second is to use the service online, from a computer.

On a computer

You can use Google's translate tool on a desktop or laptop if you don't have a smartphone or tablet (which is unlikely). To translate written or scanned text, as well as websites in more than 100 languages, just go to the Google Translate page.

On Android

You can download the GG Translate app on your Android smartphone.

  1. Start by downloading the Google Translate Android app from the Play Store.
  2. Once the app is installed, you can start using it
  3. During the installation process, you will need to choose your native language. You should also choose the language you will use most often.
  4. To make your choice, press the down arrow
  5. You can also choose the dark theme
  6. Once you have configured the system, all you have to do is type or speak the text you want to translate.

You need to check the Translate offline box if you want to download two languages ​​in offline mode. If the selected languages ​​are not available for download, the message "Not available offline" is displayed. To download one or more languages, you must connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Google's support page explains that you need to make sure your camera has autofocus capability if you want to translate images into all supported languages. A dual-core processor with ARMv7 is also required. This information can be viewed in the advanced settings.

For iPhone and iPad

The iOS Google Translate app, just like Android, is free and offers exactly the same functionality.

  • Search Google Translate in the App Store
  • It is easy to download and install. After the installation is complete, you can start using it.

Your iPhone must meet the same requirements as Android devices to translate images using your camera. An iPhone 4S or newer must be installed with iOS 11 or later.

Google Trad: When to use it in a business

According to the Washington Post, this online language tool is improving in its ability to translate snippets of 5 characters. This equals five to six sentences. GG trad can be used if the text to be translated does not exceed this threshold.

This service is a good alternative for companies with a limited budget. It's completely free, takes less than a second to translate, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

For business or pleasure, it is good to travel abroad.

This online application is available for instant and general translations. It is easy to download and use from any smartphone with an internet connection.

A continuous project

Sometimes the budget allocated for translation is not sufficient to cover professional rates. That's when the extra time it takes to copy, paste, and edit small sections is a great investment.

Target language experience

Google Translate is a great online tool that anyone can use, regardless of age or industry. Many translations are incomplete or clumsily written. It is important to have a basic knowledge of the language. It's a great tool for those who can spot and fix potential errors.

Google Translate can help you learn a language

Translation technologies are available in the form of mobile applications, which facilitate foreign language learning for students and teachers. Many language teachers fear that these tools will hinder students' ability to communicate in their second language independently.

The DCU School of Computing investigated whether GG Translate could cause a learning disability. They also sought to find out whether this tool could have a positive effect on the mastery of a foreign language, and in particular on the ability to form sentences.

They found that users were more likely than others to use the sentence structure of the translated text to express themselves in the target languages. This was true even though the structure was unfamiliar to them.

These results show that users are influenced not only by the linguistic behavior and confidence of others, but also by their own. GG trad can be used to help you learn a language. This is especially true when learning complex sentence structures in a second language.

Alternatives to GG Trad

Google Translate is the most popular translation app among internet users. With over 200 million daily users, GG Trad's translations can be considered reliable, multilingual and mechanically sound. Here are some reasons to choose Google Translate as your translator.

Google Translation does not support certain file types or their conversion. GG Trad does not allow you to copy and paste. The application is not flexible enough to allow you to change the speed of translations or the formatting. It's free and easy to use, but you can't customize the translation engine, speed, or text editing. Google Translate is not for businesses. It is for personal use only.

Alternatives to GG Trad can be more reliable, more flexible, safer and more cost effective than GG Trad. They also have additional features and elements. Internet users will use translators such as Linguee, Reverso, Babylon Translator and Reverso more often than others.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. It offers a more professional and personal version of translations. The app can also translate images, screenshots, and audio without needing to be online.


Sonico Mobile offers this application, which can translate text, characters and websites. iTranslate supports verb conjugation in over 100 languages ​​across all systems.


This language translator was launched in 2009 and supports more than 25 languages. Linguee can display various bilingual sentence pairs that are used in most online publications. This option allows you to see how a word/phrase can be used in different contexts.


WordReference is a well-known tool. It lets you translate words and phrases into 17 languages. It offers both primary analysis and secondary translations. It is also interesting to see the active forum.


Reverso is limited to 13 languages, but places great importance on context. A user account is used to save translations.


Google Translate isn't the only online translation service that delivers decent results. Deepl is increasingly known for the quality of its software. Deepl prides itself on its capabilities, especially in German and English, although it's obvious that GG Trad is far ahead of the competition in terms of the number of languages ​​supported. French typography is also better respected by GG Trad, i.e. it correctly indicates the spaces for each punctuation. He tends to simplify translations rather than making them too literal.

The disadvantages of Google Translate

GG Traduction is an excellent tool for translating texts, given its many advantages. However, it is not suitable for professionals, as it has many flaws.

GG Translation makes mistakes

The tool only interprets words, not sentences. Many translation errors can be found even in popular languages. Grammar, context, and structure are all common mistakes. For a text to be readable and understandable, you must check the meaning of each sentence after its translation with Google Trad.

A rather poor approximate translation

GG Traduction uses approximations for instant translations. This is due to the analysis of related documents, websites or other documents that could be used as sources. This can sometimes lead to poor quality sentences and inappropriate terms.

No quality control

GG Traduction is unable to guarantee the accuracy of certain terms. There is no way to control the quality of translations. These translation errors cannot be reported.

Lack of data security/confidentiality

Google Translate does not protect your data. Google Translate does not offer privacy because all the data you translate is stored and analyzed. A legal action that is consistent with their terms of service.

What's New in Google Translate

The app hasn't seen a new design since 2014 (Google Material Theme 2014.) However, Google's Pixel 6 smartphone seems to be shaking things up and promising the long-awaited redesign.

Only for the Google Pixel 6: a welcome update

Google Translate, which was integrated into Android 12 in October 2021, offers some new and unique features. You can instantly translate your messages on WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram. The "live translation" feature, which supports over 65 languages, allows you to switch between languages ​​without having to use the Google Translate app.

Google Translate: A redesign in progress

The design and ergonomics of the Google Translate app have not been completely redesigned. 9to5Google revealed that work is underway and an AKP version is available for the Pixel 6. The new design is more intuitive and offers better grip. Google Translate has not undergone a design change since 2014. We are patiently waiting for the official version.

We have now seen the main features of GG Translate. We invite you to put this article in your favorites if you wish to obtain more information on the next novelties. We closely follow the news of Google Translate, and we will present them here.