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Energyfi (EFI) : the platform DeFi green and all-in-one

In recent years, decentralized finance (DeFi) emerged, in opposition to centralized finance. International and unmissable, the DeFi reached an estimated market capitalization of US $ 200 billion in November 2021.

Nevertheless, decentralized finance still faces two major problems: high transaction costs and a gigantic carbon footprint on the environment due to the excessive consumption of energy on the main blockchains used. The emergence of environmentally friendly, yet profitable, blockchains is imminent and necessary.

Why Energyfi ?

Energyfi is here to address these issues by designing a comprehensive set of features DeFi on Energy Web Chain, Avalanche, Near and Binance Smart Chain, which will at the same time accelerate their adoption.

Indeed, to progress towards mass adoption, a blockchain needs more users, and to have more users, it needs more decentralized applications (dApps). In order to promote the emergence of dApps and to support developers who wish to rely on these networks, a fast and reliable all-in-one platform like Energyfi is crucial.

Both a cornerstone and a catalyst, Energyfi aims to lead the industry towards:

  • Decentralization
  • Transparency
  • Environmental awareness
  • Cross-chain interoperability

These fundamental values ​​can be seen in the main characteristics ofEnergyfi.

A set of Dapps

The platform Energyfi includes a wide range of features, all designed to enable the adoption of green networks and the emergence of decentralized finance that respects the environment.

This includes the functionality of Launchpad, Dex, Staking /Farming and Lending.

EnergyPad (ILOs platform)

EnergyPad is a cross-chain, permissionless, rug-pull proof ILO platform. It aims to promote the massive adoption of green blockchains, by making them accessible to project creators and investors.

EnergyPad is cross-chain on the BSC, EWC, AVAX and NEAR networks.


Thanks to the Smart Contracts ofEnergyfi, the security of funds for both investors and the creators of ILO is ensured. There is no possibility of rug pull. Cash is automatically locked, and everyone has the same information. Nothing is hidden, everything is verifiable.

Automatic listing and liquidity locking system

When an ILO ends, the token is listed directly on PancakeSwap (if the network used is BSC) and the liquidity allocation is automatically locked on the smart contract Energyfi.

Participants are assured that the successful OIL token will be listed on PancakeSwap (if the network used is BSC) and that the liquidity cannot be withdrawn.

Highly configurable

EnergyPad is highly configurable, which means that the creators of ILOs have maximum flexibility, and can easily meet the needs of their investors.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of what can be configured:

  • SoftCap / Hardcap
  • Percentage of funds raised automatically locked and allocated to DEX liquidity
  • Maximum / minimum allocation per portfolio
  • ILO and listing price
  • Duration of OIL
  • Duration of liquidity foreclosure

Round system

EnergyPad works with a round system. An ILO is made up of two towers. The first round lasts only 2 hours: during this first round, only token holders Energyfi EFI can participate.

The second round is open to everyone.

User friendly

The mission ofEnergyfi is to make finance decentralized (DeFi) to everyone. In 2022, the DeFi should be simplified and investors should no longer be afraid to participate in an ILO. We believe that it is important to keep this userfriendly dimension to facilitate the adoption of the dApp ofEnergyfi.

Token locker

ILO creators can use the locking system of token byEnergyPad to manage their tokenomics and facilitate the understanding of the different token locks by investors.

EnergySwap (DEX decentralized exchange)

Cross-chain and eco-friendly DEX

EnergySwap is the first DEX decentralized exchange to exchange token in an eco-responsible manner by focusing on green networks. The application EnergySwap is built on the Energy Web Chain (EWC), Avalanche (Avax) and Near Protocol (Near) networks. Users can experience a green and secure decentralized exchange, and easily access various integrated networks.

In addition, all projects programming their ILO on EnergyPad via the EWC, Avax and Near networks, will automatically be listed on EnergySwap.


The DEX with the best remuneration

To stand out from the competition, EnergySwap is also committed to rewarding liquidity providers (LPs). The recent history of decentralized finance demonstrates that paying well to LPs is a key factor in adopting a DEX. Thus, liquidity providers ofEnergySwap will be rewarded up to 0,6% per transaction (versus 0,3% on PancakeSwap, for example). Users can experience the most environmentally friendly DEX, and LPs can experience the most rewarding DEX.

EnergySave (Staking & Farming)


Farmer tokens EFI and earn interest by providing liquidity in designated or staker pools of EFI and earn a portion of the swap fee in proportion to your share in the staking contract.

Current APY% and rewards are directly updated, and users have the option of committing or disengaging their tokens at any time EFI.

EnergyLend (Lending)

Loans / borrowing

Loans and borrowing are an important feature of the DeFi in general.

The platform Energyfi All-In-One wouldn't be complete without lending and borrowing functionality for its users. Indeed, depending on their strategies, users will be able to lend cryptocurrency and earn interest, or borrow cryptocurrency and pay interest over time.

EnergyLend is designed to be a fast, secure and energy efficient lending / borrowing platform.

Token EFI

Usefulness of the token

Le token EFI will have multiple uses on the platform Energyfi, but also a role in decision-making (governance).

It will also be necessary to hold the token EFI to use some of the services ofEnergyfi.

In other words, EFI, the native token ofEnergyfi, is integrated into the workflow of all dApps proposed by Energyfi. It has direct utility and multiple use cases for EnergyPad, EnergySwap, EnergySave et EnergyLend. The team is committed to makingEFI, the native token ofEnergyfi, the cornerstone of its ecosystem.

Mechanisms of token

The token EFI has certain mechanisms integrated into its smart contract to increase its rarity and reward the first holders.


A burn of 0,5% is applied to each transaction. This means that the higher the volume of transactions, the greater theEFI is deflationary.

Passive income:

Holders ofEFI will have the opportunity to earn interest through Staking and Farming. They will also earn passive income through the redistribution of profits generated by EnergyPad.

Reflection :

Token holders EFI see their balance gradually increase. Indeed, there is a 1% fee on all transactions which are automatically paid to the "holders".


Total supply ofEFI : 210 millionEFI
ILO: 100 millionEFI (30 millionEFI for liquidity which are blocked for 2 years)
Private sale: 20 millionEFI (blocked 45 days)
Farming : 60 millionEFI (blocked until the exit ofEnergySave)
Cash: 30 millionEFI (blocked up to 1 years)

Tokenomics Energyfi
Tokenomics Energyfi

ILO, Private sale, and listing details

Private sale: 20 millionEFI (blocked 45 days)
Private sale price: 1 EFI = 0.01 USD

ILO: 100 millionEFI
ILO price: 1 EFI = 0.0125 USD

Listing price: 1 EFI = 0,015 USD

Pre sale & Private sale
Pre sale & Private sale

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