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How To Make Money Blogging In 2021: 5 Ways To Make Money From Anywhere

You've probably heard that blogging is a great way to make money on the web, but you might not know where to start.

Making money blogging requires a plan, just like building a business. If you can develop an interesting blogging niche strategizing to continuously build an following, you can make money blogging in 2021 from anywhere. Read on to find out how.

Is a blog a business?

In many ways, yes. A blog is a business where you sell both your creative content and your advertising space to other businesses. When thinking about how to make money blogging in 2021, approach it like you would start a business.

First of all, you need to estimate how long you can afford to blog without making a profit. Like any new business, there is a start-up period (in red) to be expected with blogging. For many, it only takes about six months to start profiting from blogging. Some need up to a year or more.

Average costs to start a blog in 2021

When you plan to monetize your blog, do not forget to also take into account the start-up costs. This includes hosting, domain registration, site creation and maintenance costs. Without forgetting of course your time for content creation, search engine optimization (SEO) and others.

If you are tech-savvy it will cost less, but if you have to hire experts to build your site or create content, your costs will increase. Estimate around $ 60 start-up for a fully DIY blog, between paying for a domain name and web hosting. If you decide to have professionals run any part of your blog, expect costs to rise quickly.

How to monetize a blog: 5 key methods

Once you've set up your blog, it's time to add some elements to monetize it and make money blogging.

The profits from your blog basically come from two separate sources of income: the content you create and the content created by other people.

You get paid for the content you create when you sell downloadable content, teach classes, or offer exclusive content subscriptions.

You get paid for other people's content when you host ads or post affiliate links.

1. Downloadable content

One of the best ways for bloggers to make money is through downloadable content. It can be a variety of posts, but each one needs to be affordable so that their audience is willing to pay for those extras outside of the blog.

As an example, we can cite an organization blog offering a printable cleaning program or an interior design blog offering printable labels for decoupage boxes. These are things that your audience usually doesn't have access to and that are unique to your creative line.

You can start by offering free downloads. This is a strategy that allows you to create a contact list. Just restrict the download so that it is only available after the user enters their contact information.

List building is invaluable for digital content creators. It allows you to have a community and a list of prospects to which you can propose your current and future products.

2. Sell courses on your blog

If your blog is in a niche that lends itself to educational content, you are ready to create a paid course for your readers. Many bloggers turn readers into students when they offer paid courses.

Bloggers can use sites like Skillshare, Udemy,, and Kajabi to create and publish courses. Online courses vary in terms of benefits, but some courses have made millions. You should establish your blog and social networks before investing heavily in a course. Otherwise, you will be offering your content without enough potential students to make you a profit.

It is important to create a regular posting schedule. It lets your readers know what to expect from you. By tracking your site's analytics, you can find the best time to post on your blog and any social network to get the most attention and traffic.

3. Premium content

You can also produce premium content that your readers subscribe to. This could be content that gets an older version for subscribers or special video content.

By integrating a membership subscription, you open up a new revenue channel for your established readers. All you need to do is provide quality content that your community is willing to pay for and integrate membership service software (plugin) into your blog.

4. Ad hosting

One of the best ways for bloggers to make money is to host ads on their monetized blogs. These can appear on sidebars, banners or between paragraphs of articles.

Many bloggers start by hosting pay-per-click ads. You can use Google AdSense to embed relevant ads in your blog.

This means that AdSense will pay you for every time a reader views or clicks on your ad. One click can get you anywhere from $ 0,50 to $ 5 so it will take a certain level of traffic to start making big bucks like this. There are other alternatives to Google adsense that you can take advantage of.

5. Referrals and affiliate links

Finally, get referrals and links through the affiliate platforms for your blog content is a great way to get paid.

For a sponsorship, a brand will pay you to promote their product on your blog. How you promote it can vary, although the brand will likely ask you to endorse it so your readers will be interested in the product.

Affiliate marketing is very similar. Brands send you affiliate links to place in your blogs that direct readers to their products. For example, in a gardening blog, a seed company might send you affiliate links for your next planting post. Every time a reader clicks on this link and makes a purchase, the seed company will pay you.Monetize your blog

How to attract readers: 3 marketing ideas

As stated, you need to have a lot of visitors per month to make a profit on basic PPC clicks. Here's how to make sure your audience is large enough to win:

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Le natural referencing (SEO) is the strategy applied to make your blog "findable" by search engines and potential readers looking for content like yours.

Most blogging platforms have SEO tools built in, but you can also work with SEO professionals to build ranking keywords into your blog and appear higher in search results.

2. Social networks

Engaging with readers on social media is both fun and strategic, driving more traffic to your blog. Especially when you are just starting out, it is important to spread your blog on social media to attract a large network of readers.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing gives you direct access to your readers' inboxes. Collect emails when you offer downloadable content and get consent to contact your readers. Use this contact information later to send newsletters, promotions, coupons and more.

Essential Tips for Making Money Blogging

The most essential tip for starting a blog and making money is to treat it like a business. Make a plan, develop a marketing strategy, and secure multiple channels of potential income.

When you combine great content with high traffic that attracts advertisers, you can grow a profitable blog over time and make money anywhere. Blog about something you're already passionate about to start a profitable and engaging blog.

Blogging & Making Money FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about making money as a blogger.

Can You Make Money Blogging?

Yes, you can make money blogging, but not everyone will make the same amount. Some make change while others can earn a very satisfying full-time salary blogging.

How much can I earn as a blogger?

Bloggers can arguably make millions per month from blogging and the associated digital content, such as courses on high-demand topics.

Is blogging worth it in 2021?

It's worth blogging in 2021 if you're treating it like a business and embarking on a strategy to tap multiple sources of income. A monetized blog requires start-up costs, so you need to have a business plan that details how you're going to earn that and then start making a profit.

What are the pros and cons of blogging?

Bloggers can make money anywhere, creating content on something that interests them. This can open many doors for traveling, connecting with other industry experts, and managing their own time for personal leisure. However, the downsides of blogging as a career include many of the same issues as owning a physical business. You need to budget for your own benefits, such as health insurance and time off. There's no one to cover you on a sick day, and you have to wear the hats of content creator, web administrator, and accountant.

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