Discover the exciting profession of Devops
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Discover the exciting profession of Devops

The business of DEVOPS is booming and is becoming an essential pillar of business success. This strategic role consists of developing and improving code delivery processes, optimizing IT infrastructure and facilitating communication between technical teams. In this article, we walk you through this exciting profession and the skills required to excel as Devops.

What is the profession of Devops?

The term “Devops” is a combination of the words “development” (Dev) and “operations” (Ops). The Devops professional therefore works at the intersection of these two areas, with the mission of improving the collaboration and efficiency of the development team and the operations team. In other words, DevOps acts as a bridge between developers and system administrators, in order to create websites and apps high quality, quickly and efficiently.

The main missions of a Devops

The role of a Devops can vary depending on the company and the project, but certain missions are often common to this profession:

  • Automation of processes: Devops implements tools to automate repetitive tasks, such as code deployment or infrastructure management. This saves time, improves quality and reduces human error.
  • Continuous improvement : Devops constantly seeks to optimize development and operating processes, by implementing agile methods or adopting new technologies.
  • Ensure stability and performance: Devops must ensure that applications and websites are always available, quickly accessible and able to support a large number of concurrent users. It does this by monitoring the infrastructure, detecting potential problems and correcting them before they affect end users.
  • Encourage collaboration: By working with the technical teams, the Devops mission is to facilitate communication between developers and system administrators, in order to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

The skills required to be a good DevOps

To excel in the profession of Devops, certain skills are essential:

Technical skills

  • Proficiency in programming languages: A good DevOps must know several programming languages, such as Python, Ruby or Go. This will allow him to understand and intervene on the code developed by the development team.
  • Knowledge of automation tools: Devops must master tools such as Ansible, Chef or Puppet, which automate processes and manage infrastructure.
  • Experience with cloud environments: Cloud environments, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), are increasingly used to host applications and websites. Devops must therefore be comfortable with these technologies.
  • Knowledge of operating systems: A good DevOps must know the different operating systems, such as Linux, Windows or macOS, in order to be able to intervene on the servers and the workstations of the developers.

Human skills

  • Courtesy and empathy: The Devops must know how to listen to the needs and concerns of other team members, in order to propose appropriate solutions and resolve problems quickly.
  • The ability to work in a team : The job of Devops involves collaborating with different people with different skills. It is therefore essential to know how to work in a team and to establish relationships of trust with colleagues.
  • Creativity and spirit of innovation: To optimize processes and adopt new technologies, DevOps must be creative and innovative.
  • Good communication : The Devops must be able to communicate clearly and effectively, both in writing and orally, to share their knowledge and explain the technical solutions they offer.

Training to become Devops

There is no specific course to become Devops, but several paths can lead to this job:

  • Graduate studies in computer science: A degree in computer science, such as a bachelor's or master's, can be a good starting point for becoming DevOps. A devops training provides solid skills in programming, operating systems and networks.
  • Professional experience : Many digital professionals turn to DevOps after gaining experience in software development or system administration. This experience allows them to better understand the issues and constraints related to both areas, and to develop their skills in process automation and optimization.
  • Specialized training: Some companies like Enix offer training dedicated to the DevOps business, which notably covers automation tools, agile methods and IT project management.
  • Self-training: There are plenty of online resources to learn the skills needed to become a DevOps on your own. Tutorials, online courses or books can be a good way to acquire the necessary knowledge.

The Devops business in a few figures

According to studies and surveys carried out on the sector, the Devops business offers great prospects:

  • A high employment rate: Due to the growing demand from companies for this profile, the Devops profession benefits from a high employment rate. Professionals in the field are generally recruited on permanent contracts, with attractive remuneration.
  • A rapid evolution: Thanks to their varied skills and their strategic role, Devops can quickly evolve within the company, towards positions of responsibility or more specialized functions.
  • Opportunities in different sectors: The Devops business is present in all sectors of activity, from start-ups to large companies, including web agencies and public bodies. This offers a wide variety of professional opportunities.

In short, the job of Devops is an exciting and promising career choice, which allows you to actively participate in the success of IT projects and contribute to the overall performance of the company. So, if you like to take up technical challenges and work in a team, don't hesitate any longer: the DevOps job is made for you!

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