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Apple Watch Ultra teardown reveals battery replacement issue

The new Apple Watch Ultra has received the full teardown treatments from YouTube, where replacing its battery has been found to be a bit of an ordeal.

Apple's new premium rugged smartwatch has been put through its paces by the iFixit team, with some clear sticking points.

Things are off to a good start with the news that the Ultra is the first Apple Watch to place screws on the back of the device. You'll be able to access the Watch's innards a little easier – with the appropriate Apple-specific tool, of course. On the other hand, removing the next layer will completely destroy the sticky seal that holds this section in place.

It seems that accessing the Apple Watch Ultra's battery is actually a bit of an ordeal, requiring you to remove the screen. That's not good news considering it's the only major component you'll likely want to replace many years down the line. Sure enough, the screen cracks while the tester tries to remove it.

This tester also claims that the Ultra's raised lip is an oversold feature, as it does little to protect the screen. The Apple Watch Ultra may be well protected against side impacts, but it's very vulnerable to impacts from any other angle.

Apple announced its new rugged smartwatch at the iPhone 14 launch event a few weeks ago. For a tempting price of £849/$799, it offers a bigger, tougher Apple Watch with bigger controls and a bigger, brighter display.

MIL-STD 810H military ruggedness ensures it can withstand more abuse than previous App Watch devices, and it also has the ability to survive sub-zero temperatures. Divers can take it 100 meters deep, and Apple has provided them with the Oceanic Plus app for detailed information on things like depth, pressure, location, and safety warnings on things like sink rates. decompression.

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