Digiday and Marketecture: a merger that will mark advertising technology
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Digiday and Marketecture: a merger that will mark advertising technology

In recent years of health crisis, the Internet has experienced considerable growth. Because of the confinement, several companies had to switch to the world of the web. In effect, to compensate for the shortfall caused by the mandatory confinement situation, many companies have adopted digital marketing for the development of their business and to carry out advertising campaigns on their items for sale and their services.. For some time now, Internet technology has been the tool par excellence for physical companies to establish a direct relationship with consumers. Because of this, you can find a host of companies focused on these new technologies like Digiday and Marketecture. What is the relationship between these 2 entities? What do we expect from the merger between Digiday and Marketecture? A point of clarification is necessary.

Digiday: what you need to know

Digiday brings together on a platform all the professionals of digital media and new advertising technologies of all kinds. In other words, Digiday is a platform specializing in web marketing and digital advertising.

Digiday's main role is to send advertising, quality impactful publications or other information about the brands or products of companies with access to the platform. You should know that Digiday is an integral part of new online marketing technologies. Indeed, this technique exploits the presence of millions of users on the web to put advertisers and consumers in direct contact. This through Google's search engines, through advertising sent by e-mail, podcasts or otherwise.

Therefore, with video, text and image content, on digital media, you can count on a successful digital advertising campaign with Digiday Media. In addition, this new advertising technique is open to all Internet users around the world. An additional gain to optimize the visibility as well as the marketing business of a company's brands and products.

Understanding the trend of buyers is quite complex.

You can access Digiday through a mobile application.

Marketecture: innovation in the digital market

digital marketing

Many companies specialize in digital management and digital marketing. Indeed, the company Marketecture offers Internet users the opportunity to design an effective advertising campaign on the web for brands or a specific product. The Marketecture digital platform operates through a single program including:

  • Customer relationship management;
  • The incentive to buy online;
  • Sending an advertisement by e-mail;
  • SEO referencing via Google;
  • The visibility of brands or a product online;
  • Customer prospecting and others.

With Marketecture, you can consider a full service offering. Apart from the aforementioned offers, Marketecture can take care of the creation of websites and advertising campaigns on social media. This is to ensure an electronic communication campaign for a company.

Marketecture can therefore be summed up as being a marketing business aimed at highlighting companies, brands and certain articles while favoring good digital communication strategies in order to follow the current market.

Merger of Digiday with Marketecture

The combination of these digital platforms helps to identify the needs of potential prospects and millions of Internet users. Marketecture is renowned for facilitating access for the group of advertisers to new advertising technologies such as marketing, digital communication and advertising.

In France, this merger between Digiday Media et Marketingecture is well received by advertisers as well as various potential customers grouped among these millions of users. Indeed, Digiday and Marketecture offer total accessibility to consumers on media and advertising.

The purpose of the merger between Digiday and Marketecture is to bring companies selling brands or products closer to potential customers (buyers). Additionally, the merger brings a few not-to-be-missed benefits, including unlimited access to advertising featuring video content from Marketecture advertisers covering ad technologies, in-app mobile marketing, television and more.

So, if you want to have access to this new digital marketing system, you just have to go to the Digiday Media platform. You can find a subscription that includes the Marketecture offer with that of Digiday Media.

Currently, the Internet is becoming indispensable for daily use. Indeed, the context caused by the health crisis is an additional reason. However, as the current trend is to exploit these technologies like Digiday and Marketecture, there is one thing to know. Every company or big brand has every interest in aligning with the marketing trend, in particular so that your company can have the possibility of:

  • To monitor the competition;
  • To stay in the market;
  • To find prospects for the purchase of a product or a brand;
  • To develop the professional image of the company.

So, adopt Digiday and Marketecture for an assured development of your business.

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