The different marketing techniques
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The different marketing techniques

Marketing is a set of techniques used by companies to better sell a product or service. Several marketing strategies can be put in place to attract new customers and retain old ones. Let's take a look at the techniques most used today.

How does operational marketing work?

Operational marketing aims to set actions and means to achieve a specific goal. Several means can be undertaken such as media spots, paper media, etc. Then, operational marketing aims to measure and analyze customer feedback in relation to the means used. In this way, the marketer can revisit his strategies.

What is the benefit of marketing automation?

Attracting and retaining customers in a market flooded by competition are not easy actions. Thanks to marketing automation, you improve the user experience to satisfy your customers. You can learn more about this technique by visiting It should not be forgotten that customers are not only attracted by the quality of the product/service. They love being given importance. Thus, this technique consists in automating marketing actions, but above all in personalizing them by creating categories or standard customer profiles. So you personalize the message to send, the frequency of sending and the channel used in relation to the behavior of the Internet user on your site, in relation to your emails and on social networks.

What is influencer marketing?

Sometimes it is very difficult to reach a target even with quality products/services and tailored marketing strategies. Indeed, the wind of the trend is so anchored in the hearts of consumers that it is difficult to make them change their minds. In this case, it is better to resort to influencer marketing. You hire influencers to change your target's mind. They mainly work on social networks and are there to translate your messages. Influencers use different techniques to get your products/services accepted in a community.

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