The ingredients to create a live that is a hit!
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The ingredients to create a live that is a hit!

A few seconds: that's all you have to convince and avoid losing spectators. How do those who are a hit on Facebook Live or YouTube do? If you also want to create a live (i.e. a live event) that works, follow our advice!

Create a visually interesting environment

If your bedroom is also your office and you've gotten used to the clutter, think about your fans: do they really want to see your bed half-unmade (or half-made? It's all relative…) , your pajamas on your pillow, from which protrudes the ear of a rabbit that was white a long time ago? You have understood it: the environment of your live must be impactful and interesting. And don't tell us you don't have room. Search a little, and you will find!

Get rid of external distractions

Have you opted for a live show facing the camera, with your back to a superb wall on which sits a giant screen? It's perfect. But be careful that this screen is off. And take the time to hang a little “do not disturb” note on the door, just so you don't… be disturbed.

Prepare and plan the event

Ok, you know your subject like no other… but a few revisions don't hurt. Revise the essentials a bit… just to be sure of your words when broadcasting the live.

Then, and even if it seems obvious, you need to plan a start time… and an end time. And stick to this timing, like a good self-respecting professional. If you're unsure of the best time to choose, why not take a look at Facebook Insights, which knows a lot more about when your audience is available than you do?

Last point, regarding the planning of your live event: make sure you have a stable connection.

Advertise your live

To reach as wide an audience as possible, advertise: a little teaser will be a great way to make your listeners' and prospects' mouths water. Make sure you say enough…but not too much to pique their curiosity.

During the live

Help, there are no spectators! Rest assured: during your live, the number of spectators will go up and down. This is how ! Note, however, that the first 10 minutes are crucial… It's up to you to do everything you can to grab the attention of the spectators.

Encourage action

During the live and at the end of your live event, ask your audience to share the event. If you don't, they won't either. And feel free to ask questions! A live is not just a one-way event. If you ask them relevant questions, your viewers will feel engaged and they will respond. Of course, answer all the questions!

No overselling

If your live event is intended to promote a product or service, avoid "selling". The purpose of a live is not to advertise excessively, but to present the advantages of a solution in relation to a given problem. Focus on the problem, more than on the product or service to be sold… You will attract more attention from your viewers.

After the live

Your spectators will be able to watch your event again, thanks to the replay. You will also need to actively promote it, by all the means at your disposal. Get ready for more questions...

A careful analysis of your event will allow you to determine whether or not this type of event is beneficial to your business. If it's a good idea, write down all the points to improve to offer a new experience to your fans, even better than the first.

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