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Control a phone remotely: top of the best apps

Several technological feats have marked the world in recent years. Indeed, various programs have been created, particularly in the world of new information and communication technologies. This is the case of remote control applications that allow monitoring the uses of a target phone.

In fact, the reasons for controlling a smartphone remotely are not necessarily illegal. Their purpose may be to watch over children or to assist an elderly person. Similarly, these applications can be used at work to ensure employee productivity. However, its applications are often the same as phone spy apps the most known.

Here are the 10 best remote phone control apps on the market:


mSpy is the latest spy app that is easy to install and use. You can access it from any browser.

To begin with, it is important to check its compatibility with the device you want to control. Then choose a subscription and continue the purchase on the app's website. After installing it on the target phone, you must log in to your Panel to discover the rest of the installation instructions. You will then need a license code to activate it. Thus, you will only have to connect to the online portal to access the information collected by the application.

MSpy can allow you to monitor all your children's usage on their phone remotely. This application can also be used to guide an elderly person who needs assistance. mSpy is available in iPhone version.


Spyzie is the most effective Android remote control app in the market. It offers various features that make it essential and practical.

After installing it on the smartphone or tablet that you want to control, the application turns on and starts extracting information from the Android device.

Regarding the installation process, you will just have a few configurations to perform. Create a personal account and proceed with the activation on the target phone. You can then control everything remotely.

Apart from its basic features, Spyzie gives you the ability to track media files and take screenshots.


Mobile SPY is an Android Keylogger that allows you to monitor the device it is installed on. You can secretly track your children's cell phones and record calls.

In the professional context, this spy app offers the possibility to the employer to know the exact location of each employee at any time. It spy on all calls and messages, online and social media activities, contact and camera.

Thus, the phones will no longer be used for personal purposes. Moreover, you can monitor 5 phones and tablets with one account.

To install Mobile SPY, go to the app site and create a free account. After downloading it, let yourself be guided through the different steps and start monitoring.

Highster mobile

Highster Mobile offers you simplified operation. Indeed, it shares some points of resemblance with other applications presented above.

You need to download it, install it and then activate it on the target phone through a license key. You won't have any settings to configure. After following the various instructions, you can easily install the application. Then log in to your account to start tracking.

In addition, Highster is recommended for IT professions. It is commonly used by SMEs and VSEs as well as companies in the Services or Tertiary sectors of activity. The application is available in several versions and in a free trial version.


FlexiSPY is the oldest phone monitoring program on the market. Several users have adopted it to monitor their spouse's laptop.

This app has over 150 features and can capture all types of messaging. It totally hides unnoticed on both Android and iPhone in the background. All calls made, keystrokes are intercepted.

It is also a control application that gives parents the assurance that their children are safe. The installation process takes about a few minutes.

To benefit from all the functions of FlexiSPY, it is important to "root" your phone. This consists of launching preparation software before installing its installation.


ApowerMirror is one of the best apps to remotely control an Android phone from your computer.

To use it, you just need a Wi-Fi connection. With this app, you can mirror the smartphone to your computer screen and fully control it with mouse and keyboard. It also allows you to take screenshots and save them.

Likewise, ApowerMirror is compatible with all Android devices and does not require root or jailbreak access.

To install it, proceed to download it on the phone you want to monitor. After this step, connect the Android phone to your PC, follow the instructions and start controlling.


AirDroid provides you with a clipboard and allows you to transfer the files from the controlled phone. So you can remotely monitor multiple mobile devices and even cast their screen.

This application gives you some advanced features by allowing you to receive and reply to messages from your computer. AirDroid can only be downloaded through the Google Play Store.

After downloading, you need to choose AirDroid Web option and open in your web browser. Then scan the QR Code using the mobile phone and connect. You will then be able to view the home screen of the mobile device in your web browser.


AnyDesk Remote is one of the safest and fastest remote access Android apps. Moreover, it can be used to control data from several devices: Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android.

This application is commonly used within companies for technical repairs. In addition, a technician can help you repair a fault on your phone remotely thanks to its functions. All you have to do is give it your AnyDesk code. It is free for private use and requires a license for professional use.


Splashtop is a secure remote access app for Android. It also supports other systems like Windows and Mac.

Thanks to its potency, it is trusted by more than 30 million users worldwide.

To use Splashtop Personal, proceed to download it on the various devices on which you want to use it. Next, create a Splashtop account and login. You should know that this application is intended for non-commercial use and includes a license to use.

For business uses, you can download Splashtop Business.


RemoDroid is designed to run at high speed. This app provides alluring results which make it one of the best remote control apps for mobiles.

Indeed, it can be used to monitor your Android TV keys and have control over other smartphones and tablets. With multiple features, it makes screen sharing easy and takes care of all the details. Its main communication channels are: Ethernet / LAN and Wi-Fi.

In addition, it allows multi-user support. RemoDroid is available on the Google Play Store and can support most Android devices. After its installation, you can notice two options. The first option ''stream'' is to control another phone and the second option ''connect'' is to control your device from another.

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