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How to place images behind or in front of text in Google Slides

When it comes to presentations, images are often just as important as the text itself, and the placement of those images is no different. Google Slides allows you to position an image in front of (or behind) text.

How to adjust image positions in Google Slides

To get started, open the Google Slides presentation that contains the image you want to reposition. If you haven't inserted an image yet, you can do so by clicking Insert > Image, then choosing where to store the image.

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With the image on the slide, click and drag it to where you want it to be on your slide. If there is text there as well, don't worry, bring the image anyway. Once correctly positioned, make sure the image is still selected. The border of the image will be blue when selected.

Click on the image you want to reposition in Google Slides.

Then right click on the image. Hover your cursor over the “Order” option in the context menu.

Click on Order from the context menu.

A submenu will appear with these four options:

  • Bring to the fore: This brings the selected image to the foreground of all objects currently in front of it.
  • Moving forward: This raises the selected image one level.
  • Send backward: This returns the selected image one level.
  • Send to bottom: This sends the selected image to the rear of all objects currently behind it.

Depending on the current position of the selected image, some options may be grayed out.

The four command options.

In this example, we want to position the image behind our text box. Since there are only two objects (the text box and the image), we can simply select "Send Back", although "Send Back" accomplishes the same thing.

Click Send Backward.

Note that each option also has a keyboard shortcut. To advance or resend the image, press Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down respectively. Or, bring it to front or send it to back with Ctrl+Shift+Up or Ctrl+Shift+Down, respectively.

This is what it looks like when you place the image behind the text.

An image placed behind a text box in Google Slides.

By using these four order options, you can perfect the placement of text and images in your presentation.

Now you know how to position images in front or behind text, one of the basic features you need to know to master Google Slides. Depending on the image and color of your text, the text may be difficult to read. If so, increase the opacity of your image.

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