Clean your floors effortlessly with a Roborock S8 Series robot vacuum
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Clean your floors effortlessly with a Roborock S8 Series robot vacuum

Roborock's sleek and intuitive cleaning appliances can keep your home clean effortlessly. Their S8 Series all-in-one robot vacuums deliver efficiency, intelligence and convenience so you can forget about cleaning by hand forever. Find out how an S8-series robot vacuum can do all the work for you for less with these limited-time offers.

Forget the cleaning, really

Roborock's S8 Series robot vacuums are efficient, smart and convenient, giving you peace of mind while helping you save time. The double cleaning power of the S8 series robot vacuum cleaners allows efficient cleaning without any effort. They feature a built-in VibraRise® 2.0 cleaning system, DuoRoller Riser™ brush and increased suction power to give your carpets, rugs, tiles and hardwood floors a sparkling finish.

The improved vibration patterns of the VibraRise® 2.0 allow for a wider cleaning area. Its high-speed wash and consistent floor pressure combine to mop up spills and caked-on debris in no time. The all-new DuoRoller Riser™ brush takes vacuuming to the next level, using two rubber brushes to effectively pick up dirt and debris without leaving anything behind. Not only does this smart mop and vacuum combo save you time, it also lets you customize your cleaning experience effortlessly. You can easily adjust the robot vacuum's settings to vacuum only, clean only, or do both at the same time or in a certain order. The effectiveness of the brush and mop system is further enhanced by the unit's increased suction power, ensuring that your home's floors stay fresh and clean worry-free.

The S8 Series robot vacuums offer enhanced smart features that can give you peace of mind as they thoroughly clean the floors in your home. Their responsive 3D obstacle recognition and avoidance technology can quickly detect and identify objects to adjust the vacuum's route and avoid a collision. S8 series models can also make smart suggestions for no-go areas to prevent the robot vacuum from falling down stairs or getting stuck in tight spaces. The easy-to-use Roborock app gives you even more control over vacuuming efficiency. You'll be able to customize a cleaning routine and route, create 3D and multi-level mapping, select an off-peak load, and more, ensuring your robot vacuum meets your specific needs and schedule.

In addition to VibraRise® 2.0 cleaning, DuoRoller Riser™ brush suction, increased suction power and responsive obstacle avoidance technology, the S8+ and S8 Pro Ultra models feature a improved docking that allows hands-free automatic dust emptying. The dock can store trapped dust for up to seven weeks before it needs to be emptied, making dust disposal a truly effortless task.

The S8 Pro Ultra offers even more functionality with the unique RockDock™ Ultra docking system, allowing it to wash and dry before refilling its tank. Thanks to these automatic functions, there is no need to manually fill the water tank or wash the mop after each use. The hot air drying system saves time and effort while effectively preventing the growth of odors and mildew. The improved docking system also charges the robot vacuum 30% faster than before to deliver fast, easy and efficient floor cleaning results.

The smart design of the S8 Pro Ultra model ensures that your floors are perfectly clean and stay that way. Its brush modules automatically lift up when the device is in mop-only mode so they don't touch your freshly mopped floors. The mop also lifts automatically to make sure your floors stay dry without the need to manually detach the mop yourself. This intuitive, self-contained robot vacuum is a handy time-saver on its own, but it's also available as a combo purchase with the Dyad Pro Wet & Dry Vacuum. This smart, lightweight vacuum features a RevoBrush™ self-cleaning and drying system, DirTect™ smart sensor for edge-to-edge adaptive cleaning, easy-to-use app control and with intense suction power. Together they will ensure that the floors in your home are cleaner than ever.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra connected and charging

Get sleek, effortless cleaning with Roborock

Roborock combines intuitive home appliances with smart robotics to give you peace of mind and help you save time on cleaning. Their innovative S8 Series robot vacuums can add convenience to your daily tasks and allow you to focus on what really matters. If you want effortless, stylish cleaning for less, now is the time to invest in your very own Roborock robot vacuum and save with these deals.

Until April 25, 2023, you can get the S8 for $599,99 ($150 off), the S8+ for $799,99 ($150,00 off) or the S8 Pro Ultra for $1 . You can also save on the S599,99 Pro Ultra and Dyad Pro combo, paying just $8 ($1 off) for the two innovative models together. The combo offer is only available for up to 749,98 units, so be sure to get this ultimate cleaning duo before it sells out.

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