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Artificial HTML links: Google declares war on fake links

The rigged links still make it possible to squat the top positions of Google. But they are doomed.

When Rand Fishkin, co-founder of SEOmoz, does 8 predictions for 2012, we listen to it. In his prediction N ° 3, he announces a Google's offensive to thwart the current power of rigged links. These artificial links, coming from fraudulent or mediocre sites (doorway pages, directories…), bring back links and traffic to sites that want to “go up” in Google.

« One of the great weaknesses of Google (and Bing, to be fair), he emphasizes, is their excessive and continued reliance on links as the ultimate signal for ranking. »

According to Rand Fishkin, Google is on the verge of taking new Panda-type measures. « In 2012, I believe Google's Search Quality team will be rolling out algorithmic changes in the way they assess low quality links. »

According to him, the stakes are high. " The quality gap caused by rigged links is blatant. If this situation does not change, it will weaken the confidence of Internet users in Google results.

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