Apple: What is the real role of "Low Power Mode" on iOS?
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Apple: What is the real role of "Low Power Mode" on iOS?

With the rather less battery life of Apple iPhones, many users wonder if activating the energy saving mode is really useful. On social networks, the opinion of users of the Apple smartphone are divided. For example, on Twitter, most tweets say that the battery life of their smartphone is significantly increased by activating the power saving mode. iPhone fans have even come up with tricks to launch apps while in power-saving mode, proving that the mode can optimize their smartphone's battery life. So, what about the Low Power Mode that is present on the iOS of Apple smartphones?

The role of power saving mode for an iPhone

To decide on its effectiveness, it is necessary to know the mode of operation of the “Low Power Mode”. To do this, it will have to be based on the information provided by Apple itself. For those who are not yet familiar with the power saving mode, know that you must activate it manually in the Battery settings of the iPhone or via the control center.

Did you know ? This mode is automatically activated when the battery percentage of your iPhone is below 20. While charging, your iPhone will ask you if it should turn off Low Power Mode once 80% is reached.

Here is what happens, once the activation of the energy saving mode is carried out, always according to the information provided by the official website of Apple:

  • iPhone processor power will be reduced to 50%. An action that can crash the most demanding applications or your iPhone will experience major slowdowns;
  • The screen of your mobile device will automatically reduce its brightness, which can be quite annoying if you are in a place where the light is omnipresent;
  • iPhone sleep mode will also automatically activate if it is not active for 30 seconds;
  • In order to reduce the consumption of your device, the visual effects as well as the animations will be deactivated;
  • All applications and tasks that run in the background will be stopped when this mode is activated;
  • Your iPhone's networks will be downgraded until normal consumption mode is reactivated. For example, 5G automatically switches to 4G.

For the latest generation iPhone smartphones such as the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro, activating the energy saving mode will have the following effect:

  • To reduce the original refresh rate (120 Hz) by half, this is the case for all models that use the latest version of Apple's iOS. Users will then have the impression that their phone is no longer very fluid ;
  • For iPhone 14 models (Pro, Pro Max, Plus), the constantly lit screen will be disabled until the smartphone is used again.

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The impact of power saving mode on your iPhone

Based on the operation of Low Power Mode, it can be said that the battery life of your device is impacted by this mode since a large number of features and applications are disabled at the same time. Finally, it will depend on how you use your iPhone. Indeed, if you activate the Low Power Mode while you are streaming video, the battery will be drained quickly.

However, the difference can only be seen when using a fairly greedy application or a game. Enabling or disabling this mode is useless if you are using applications whose consumption is quite high. The Low Power Mode will only serve as decoration for your mobile device.

Apple makes it known from its website that constant use of Low Power Mode is not recommended on an iPhone. The reason is simple, the mobile device will not be able to use its maximum performance, which will impact the user experience. Indeed, the visual effects and animations which have the role of giving a more fluid look to your iPhone will be deactivated.

In this case, be aware that enabling this power saving feature will not double the battery life of your iPhone. Big mistake. However, the Low Power Mode remains very practical in the event that your device displays less than 20%, especially during your travels and / or travels. You will be able to take several photos and use less greedy applications. Note, however, that you may experience quite significant slowdowns while using your phone.

Apple smartphones generally use fairly resource-intensive applications which will drain the battery in no time. Be aware that by activating this iOS feature, the Low Power Mode Activate, you save your battery only if it displays low energy (below 30 or 20%). Finally, this mode is useless when streaming video or playing video games, especially if you constantly use your iPhone's mobile network.

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