Apple, Google and Microsoft are all expanding passwordless sign-in options
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Apple, Google and Microsoft are all expanding passwordless sign-in options

To celebrate World Password Day, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have surprisingly joined forces to support passwordless login options.

In a quest to prevent users from falling victim to data breaches and account takeovers, Apple, Google and Microsoft released a joint statement announcing plans to expand support for a wireless login standard. password created by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium. .

According to the FIDO Alliance, the standard passwords we are all used to use have the inherent flaw of being cumbersome, leading consumers to compromise their security and reuse their passwords across devices and websites if they don't have a password manager or whatever. of their written passwords.

Fortunately, the proposed new passwordless login standard would not have this inherent flaw, because instead users will be able to log into apps and websites "by the same action they take multiple times a day to unlock their devices, such as a simple fingerprint or face verification, or a device PIN. »

This means that instead of laboriously typing in your password every time you need to log into a website, all you would have to do is reach for your phone, unlock it, and verify your identity in the FIDO authenticator application, with this process immediately. log in to the website or application you are trying to access.

The FIDO Alliance says this new approach will be "radically more secure" compared to traditional passwords, so it's no surprise that three of the world's biggest tech companies have led the charge to implement the technology.

Here's how the FIDO Alliance expects their passwordless login to work. | Through the FIDO Alliance

The fact that Apple, Google, and Microsoft are all coming together for this new passwordless standard is also critical to its success, because to see widespread adoption, users will need to be able to feasibly remove passwords on all apps and devices, otherwise this potential new standard will be more trouble than it's worth.

Thanks to the combined support of Apple, Google and Microsoft, new passwordless login options are expected to be available on "billions of devices" in the coming year.

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