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Orange portal: webmail, telephony and web

Orange is your Internet service provider. You can access the an orange gate and use it. But what is it for?

What is a web portal?

A web portal is much more than a website. It allows you to access a lot of information. You must identify yourself to access portal resources.

You can find general or thematic web portals like the an orange gate.

The Wanadoo portal has become the Orange portal

Le Orange portal, formerly “Wanadoo portal”, is therefore a generalist and allows you to access a lot of information.

Orange Logo
Wanadoo portal

Why was the orange portal created?

This portal was first created to welcome Internet users from Wanadoo, then Orange, on a daily basis, and to offer them a variety of content and services, so that they did not have to look elsewhere, such as Google.

To control what Internet users see and consult, Orange wants to keep them with Orange for as long as possible. We also want to be able to offer additional products, such as a telephone plan, new boxes or other services.

How many Internet users consult the Orange portal?

We can see that the portal has almost 40 monthly visitors if we use a tool that allows us to assess its traffic. This tool is often imprecise and we can only estimate the monthly traffic of the Orange portal at 000 visits. Many portals and websites would like to be able to boast of such a number of visits.

It is now the 8th most popular website in France, after giants like Google, Youtube and Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, Wikipedia, Amazon, Leboncoin, and Amazon. This ranking shows than Orange is very popular.

The Orange portal is also available on mobile

Orange has created 2 portals for its ISP customers, and one for mobile customers. It was clear that the goal and the target were not the same. It was therefore important not to offer the same services or information to both types of users.

What does the portal offer?

This screenshot shows the home page of the Orange portal. It clearly shows the intentions. It is an excellent communication tool.

An orange gate
An orange gate

As the list is long, I hope you have some time. So I'm going to cut to the chase.

A web search engine, such as Google

This French search engine has evolved over time. It was first associated with Voila. The Orange Portal had to modify its canon after Voila disappeared. It is now mixed.

That is to say, it offers advertising sold to Orange, then news published in Orange, and finally search results from Google.

It is important to present its news and its advertising inserts so that Internet users stay as long as possible at home.

Access to the main web services

You will find many links in the menu of this portal that will take you to Orange services. These links will follow your navigation, allowing you to subscribe to a service as you go.

This Orange portal is both an advertising platform and a sales tool. This portal is designed to allow you to stay connected to the site in order to benefit from additional services.

The latest news

This portal is also an information site. It covers topics such as news, sports, trends (fashion and beauty, food and cinema) and cinema.

Orange is a web media that has a sustained publication rate.

Manage your Orange offers

Another important function of this popular web portal is the management and monitoring of your offers, contracts and services. This portal gives you access to tools to manage your options as well as other services.

Access your Orange emails via webmail

Orange subscribers can also use the portal (formerly Wanadoo) as an information tool. Orange uses it to communicate, for example, on the opening or closing of its branches.

It allows subscribers and ex-subscribers to access webmail to view and send their emails.

Orange also succeeded in placing clever advertising inserts, which must have brought a significant increase in the income of this large French company.

The Orange portal is a fantastic converting machine, as you will see. It allows Orange to keep its customers close and to offer Internet users new services.

How to connect to the Orange portal?

To access the portal of your Orange operator, the first step is to access the portal via the URL (website) from a web browser on your computer or tablet. This browser can be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.

You must then provide your Orange (or Wanadoo) email address or your telephone number, then the associated password.

Orange portal logo
Orange portal logo

Put the Orange portal on the Google Chrome homepage

You can decide to directly open one or more pages of your choice when launching Google Chrome.


You must have :

  • Downloaded and installed Google Chrome on your PC.
  • Open your Google Chrome browser.

Access browser settings

  • Click on the three-dot menu button located at the top right of your browser
  • Select Settings.

Change boot options

  • In the "Startup" section, click at the end of the address of the start page on 3 dots then select Modify.

Edit your home page

  • Enter the address of your home page and click Save.
  • Go back to step 2 as many times as necessary if you want to add more home pages.

Delete a homepage

  • At the end of the page you want to delete, click the 3 dots button and select Delete.