Advertising communication in 2022
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Advertising communication in 2022

By definition, advertising communication represents an essential item of the budget for companies as specified on this website, whether during confinement or not elsewhere.

However, when budget cuts are necessary, it is more often the commercial and marketing activities that suffer. This is the reason why a large part of the efforts made in 2020 by companies and organizations focused on digital communication.

Regional and government aid has also particularly supported companies in recent months to activate the various communication solutions with prospects and customers.

Get support in digital advertising communication

A VSE or an SME does not necessarily have the digital reflex. This is also quite real for retail activities in town centers or franchisees, but also for certain SMEs in the industrial and craft sectors. Faced with the rise in online communication needs, the government has promised a number of measures to help businesses communicate better and sell on the Internet; We think of the aid 500 euros for the creating a website showcase.

We can also think of regional aid to support e-merchants against Amazon. CCIs and BGEs have also developed tools to help entrepreneurs become aware of digital issues. On the basis of calls for tenders, institutions sometimes launch marketplaces for traders in different cities in order to encourage local purchasing. In addition, many professionals also offer personalized support on various topics related to the Web in particular:

To choose a professional from the existing offer, train yourself a minimum in order to be able to interact calmly with the various stakeholders.

Traditional advertising communication overtaken by digital?

The question is legitimate: Is it still necessary to offer display advertising on inserts, in magazines or to make TV or radio spots these days? The answer is: It depends. Indeed, as for all marketing actions, it can, according to objectives defined in advance by an action plan, be interesting to combine both inbound marketing and outbound marketing. To be clear, you might need to work on your company's brand awareness on mass media in addition to activating communication models based on digital attraction. So there is no reason to imagine that all communication channels are disappearing anytime soon.

However, a great prior orientation on digital makes it possible to envisage a stronger growth of your activity if you decide for example to launch yourself. Advertising costs are, on the other hand, generally much lower and likely to be correctly measured. Take the example of a website: This can be linked to Google Analytics to study the origins of traffic, the pages that work best, the quality of user conversion.

These are just a few examples among many others of the potential for analyzing data collected on the Internet and every business manager (or management controller) immediately understands the interest here.

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