This unlimited data deal on iPhone 15 Pro is a great Black Friday deal
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This unlimited data deal on iPhone 15 Pro is a great Black Friday deal

If you've been keeping your eye on an iPhone 15 Pro this Black Friday, there's no need to wait for the big event.

MobilePhonesDirect has dropped the price of the latest high-end iPhone to just £39 upfront and £55 a month with unlimited texts, minutes and data as part of this brilliant mobile deal.

Get the new iPhone 15 Pro with unlimited O2 data for less

Save big with this iPhone 15 Pro Black Friday deal. MobilePhonesDirect is currently offering the iPhone 15 Pro with unlimited O2 data for just £39 upfront and £55/month with this 24-month contract.

  • Mobile PhonesDirect
  • £39 up front
  • £55/month

See the offer

The iPhone 15 Pro launched less than two months ago with a starting price of £999. However, this price does not include unlimited O2 data or access to the provider's O2 Priority benefits that come with this deal.

Add in the initial cost of £39 and £55 per month over 24 months and you'll spend a total of £1 over the life of the iPhone 359 Pro with this deal. While that may seem high compared to what Apple charges, you'll need to factor in texts, minutes, and data. If you were to buy this phone outright, you'd need a mobile plan that costs less than £15 a month to match this deal - which would be quite a feat if you're looking for unlimited data on O15.

What we liked about the iPhone 15 Pro

It may not be much different, but vanilla still tastes great.


  • Lightweight and more comfortable to hold
  • Excellent camera performance in most conditions
  • Incredible power of the A17 Pro
  • Convenient action button

The inconvenients

  • Same 3x telephoto lens as its predecessor
  • Slow charging

The iPhone 15 Pro is Apple's flagship smartphone for 2023.

The premium iPhone combines a sleek new titanium design with the powerful 3nm A17 Pro chipset and a versatile triple camera that works well in both well-lit and dimly lit environments.

The 6,1-inch ProMotion display is bright and smooth, with the Dynamic Island making another appearance at the top of the screen and the iPhone finally supports USB-C charging, which many will find more convenient than the old Lightning standard.

Are you looking for a different offer?

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