5 good reasons to make corporate videos
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5 good reasons to make corporate videos

Thanks to the digital transformation taking place in our world, corporate videos are taking up more and more space on the web. Imagine! Generation 2.0 spends more time in front of their computer or smartphone than in front of television or paper advertising. So that's where video marketing comes in. Whether it's a corporate video, an institutional film, storytelling or even an event video, these films have multiple objectives that will bring added value to your agency.

We are going to present you the 5 good reasons to make one!

1. A corporate video to enhance your brand image

By using video as the basis of a communication strategy in its own right, you increase your chances of being seen and above all of being better perceived. The corporate video has the advantage of offering a serious image! The proper use of this type of promotion increases your credibility and your notoriety.

If you reveal quality content to your audience, you will humanize your business and convey a more dynamic and modern image! With the use of motion design, for example, you will send a positive and above all playful message while enhancing your image. Your prospects will remember you and associate you with a young and 2.0 image!

Knowing that the competition is getting stronger and stronger, let's not leave anything to chance!

To finish convincing you, know that 72% of Internet users (source: ComScore) say they have more confidence in a company after watching a video! And the same is true for products, 64% of Internet users make an online purchase after watching a video.

2. A video to increase your field of prospecting

In the digital age, know one thing: your prospects don't have the time! Everything goes very fast in digital. We must therefore offer them access to the information they want as quickly as possible.

Even if you take care of your site, whether you take the time to present your services, your intentions or your products, be aware that nearly 70% of Internet users will not take the time to read you. It's simple, you barely have 5 seconds to capture his attention and offer him what he is looking for! So let's not waste time.

A video on your homepage is worth 1000 words on the pages that follow. It is a fun, educational and didactic medium that allows your visitors to better assimilate the information you are trying to convey.

If you don't want to lose the most eager people browsing the web, video is a serious competitive advantage.

3. The ideal tool to improve your natural referencing

Le natural reference, still and always ! Your presence on the web is a key factor in increasing your visibility. Remember, sharing quality content on a regular basis on your site helps satisfy the little robots at Google and allows you to boost your SEO.

In addition, corporate video can be shared on many media such as social networks. Post your video on your Facebook page, on LinkedIn or on Instagram and interested users will be able to interact and share your content. By multiplying these shares, you can quickly go around the web if it has a viral character!

4. A boost to recruit

We rarely think about it, but a corporate video can serve other interests than those for commercial purposes. You can go through video media in your recruitment process. A corporate film on your expectations and your objectives while imaging your expected profile allows you to visually summarize your request! You will therefore attract many other profiles and gain visibility.

In addition, a corporate video used in this sense can also go further than traditional recruitment platforms. Internet users can share the ad, but also your video, which gives twice the visibility of a classic ad.

Once again, standing out is always good!

5. Video for internal communication

The use of corporate video does not stop at your customers! It can also be applied through the use of internal communication.

Video is a dynamic and fun tool that can allow you to convey an important message to your employees. It can be used to disseminate information on major structural changes such as a merger, a new management tool or the arrival of new services within the company. It can also convey a difficult message more gently than a group mail.

The use of video internally can also be used, at the same time, to unite your teams around a common objective or project. The crazier we are, the merrier! A project cannot be set up on its own, let alone a video project. If each member of your team takes part in this project, their bonds and their motivation will only be strengthened!

Corporate video is first and foremost a communication tool. If you want to spread a message the best you can, don't just write it! Shout it from the rooftops of the web through dynamic images!

A well-produced and well-directed video can significantly increase your brand awareness. Whether it's a presentation of your know-how, your services, a product launch, an event or even an internal message, the corporate video allows you to spread your message. in a fun and modern way while leaving the possibility of sharing your content.

Opt for optimal digital communication and make the most of your image through corporate video.

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